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Camilla Cobb, MD
Professor, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Patient Care    Patient Care
  • Surgical Pathology Reporting - This involves the microscopic review and reporting of histologic sections of patient tissues remove or retrieved as part of a surgical procedure. This is done with pathology residents and medical students, using a double-headed microscope. ( 9/2006 - Present )
  • Cytopathology Reporting - This involves the micorscopic reveiw and reporting of cytologic specimens, including gynecologic and non-gynecologic exfoliative specimens (e.g., Pap smears, body fluids, urines, respiratory samples) and superficial and deep-seated fine needle aspirations performed by radiology and clinincal staff physicians. This activity includes the instruction and supervison of pathology residents and/or medical students in this activity. ( 9/2006 - Present )
  • Performance and Reporting of Autopsies - This activity involves the performance and reporting of autopies and includes the instruciton and supervision of pathology residnets and medical sutdents in this activity. ( 9/2006 - Present )
  • Tumor Boards - This activity involves the micorsocpic review, photomicroscopy, and PowerPoint preparation, and presentation of pathology cases for hospital tumor boards, including General, Gynecologic, Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT), Breast, and Thoracic. These are held weekly or monthly. ( 9/2006 - Present )
  • Intraoperative Consultation - This involves the immediate gross and/or micorsocpic review of patient tissues removed during a surgical or image-guided procedure. This is done while also supervising pathology residents and/or medical students in this activity. ( 9/2006 - Present )