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Christiane Schubert, PhD
Assistant Professor, Medical Education
School of Medicine
Assistant Professor, Social Work & Social Ecology
Member, Social Plcy&Social Rsrch, SST, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Presentations    General Academic Presentation
  • Schubert, C. “The Social and Legal Construction of ‘Truth’ in DNA Evidence Cases.”  AIOB Annual Conference. Palm Springs, CA.

    ( 10/2002 )
  Research Presentations -- International
  • Schubert, C. C. and Rohrer, M. “Preparation of Microscopic Sections of Dental Implants and Mineralized Bone Specimens.” 4th International Congress on Pre-prosthetic Surgery. Palm Springs, CA.

    ( 4/1991 )
  • Schubert, C. C. “Preparation of Non-Cutable Hard Tissues, Such as Bone and Implants, by a New Cutting Grinding System.”  18th Congress of the International Association of Medical Technologists. Kobe, Japan.  

    ( 7/1988 )
  Research Presentations -- National
  • Anand, P. and Schubert, C. “Understanding the role of support groups in promoting multi-dimensional wellbeing in family caregivers of dementia patients.” 140th Annual Meeting & Exposition of the American Public Health Association, San Francisco, CA. October 29, 2012.

    ( 10/2012 )
  • Sweeney, T., Kenney, D., and Schubert, C. “Inpatient Insulin Pump Therapy: Assessing the Effectiveness of an Educational Program.” 5thAnnual Doctors of Nursing Practice Conference, St. Louis Missouri. 

    ( 9/2012 )
  • McField, E., Montgomery, S., Belliard, J. C., James, S., Schubert, C. C., and Schuh, H. "Promoting Equity in Access to Mental Health Services: Exploring Cultural Attitudes Among Latinos." 138th APHA Annual Meeting.

    ( 11/2010 )
  • Schubert, C. C. and Gould, L. “Unwinding the Double Helix: Perceptions of Judges, Prosecutors, and Attorneys Regarding the Use of DNA Evidence in Jury Trials.” ACJS Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA.

    ( 3/2000 )
  • Rohrer, M. D., Schubert, C. C., and Johnson, J. "Cementoblastoma Arising from a Primary and Secondary Tooth, Preventing Eruption of Several Secondary Teeth.” Annual Meeting of the American Society of Oral Pathology. Minneapolis.

    ( 5/1991 )
  • Schubert, C. C. “Bearbeitung von unentkalkten Hartgeweben mit der Trenn-Duennschliff-Technik” (“Preparation of Undecalcified Hard Tissue Specimens with the Cutting-Grinding Technique”).  11th Morphology/Histology Convention. Aschaffenburg, West Germany.

    ( 10/1989 )
  Research Presentations -- Regional
  • Schubert, C. C. "Defining failure: The language, meaning and ethics of medical error." Pacific Sociological Association, Oakland, CA.

    ( 10/2007 )
  Poster Presentation
  • Sweeney, T., Kenney, D., and Schubert, C. "Inpatient Insulin Pump Therapy: Assessing the Effectiveness of an Educational Program." 13th Annual Nursing Research Evidence Based Practice Conference, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA.

    ( 5/2012 )