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Darlene Armstrong, MA, RDH
Associate Professor, Dental Hygiene
School of Dentistry
Presentations    Research Presentations -- National
  • Tech Expo presentation at American Dental Education Association meeting in Dallas, TX on March 31, 2008 with Darlene Cheek and Michelle Hurlbutt - Peer-reviewed and published abstract, national education research, poster and presentation. ( 3/2008 )
    19. Empowering Faculty: Engaging Students with Interactive Learning Darlene Armstrong, Loma Linda University; D. Darlene Cheek, Loma Linda University; Michelle Hurlbutt, Loma Linda University The purpose of this project is to improve adoption of innovative teaching with technology and demonstrate uses of various student response systems that provide opportunities for enhancement of interactive learning and student retention of information. Research on student response systems (SRS), including clickers, vpad, vboards, and PDAs, has shown an increase in student engagement and improved learning when they are implemented effectively in large and small classrooms. Faculty in many higher education settings, including biological sciences, physical sciences, humanities, medicine, dentistry, and engineering, have developed innovative strategies using various educational theories to encourage student interaction and group dynamics. Some faculty are reluctant to implement these devices due to technological or logistical challenges and cost. Research on the use of these systems in higher education has generally focused on specific applications, styles of interaction, and pedagogical methodologies. This project will demonstrate training of faculty to use an SRS, which empowers faculty to use innovative technology to enhance active learning and retention in dental education. It will provide a review of the literature on response systems and the relevant educational theories that support their use. It will provide a demonstration of the basic steps to set up an SRS, incorporate interactive slides into a presentation, use alternate response systems, display responses, and incorporate responses into learning management systems and pedagogical approaches to customize instruction based upon the responses. The project will report on the use of various response systems in a dental school. It will show how different teaching styles and disciplines can effectively incorporate this technology. It seeks to support teachers in engaging their students in an active learning environment.
  • Darlene Armstrong and others. "RDHAP ." Orange County Dental Hygienists' Society. Newport, CA ( 6/2007 )
  • Darlene Armstrong, M.A., RDHAP. "Relationship of Oral Status to Physical Health: Special Needs in Oral Health." Tri County Dental Hygienists' Society. Riverside, CA ( 10/2006 )
  • Darlene A. Armstrong, M.A., RDHAP. "Oral Health Care for Caregivers:Relationship of Oral Status to Physical Health." CE for Health Ministries Nurses. Redlands Community Hospital- Weisser Educational Pavilion, conference rooms C & D ( 3/2006 )
  Research Presentations -- Local/Campus
  • Update on Pit and Fissure Sealants: Lecture and Hands-on Workshop; Feb 19, 2009 Loma Linda University School of Dentistry Alumni Student Convention ( 2/2009 )
  • Encouraging Interactive Teaching Strategies Feb 18, 2008 with Shirley Lee - at the IFAC Education Conference, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA ( 2/2008 )
  • Engaging College Students: Mindful Use of Student Response Systems - Azusa Pacific University - Doctoral program in Higher Education ( 1/2008 )
  Poster Presentation
  • Collaborative Teaching Using Educational Technology with Shirley Lee for IFAC Education Conference, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA ( 2/2008 )
  • Darlene A. Armstrong, M.A., RDH, RDHAP & Shirley A. Lee, B.S., RDH. "Demonstration of Collaborative Teaching Using Educational Technologies." American Dental Education Association. Orlando, FL - Dolphin Hotel, Pacific Hall, Paper 0988 ( 3/2006 )
  • Darlene A. Armstrong, M.A., RDH, RDHAP & Shirley A. Lee, B.S., RDH. "Collaborative Teaching with Educational Technology (Dental Anatomy) ." American Dental Education Association - Dental Hygiene Education Section Program Informal. Orlando, FL - Swan Hotel -Pelican 1 ( 3/2006 )
  Presentations given to non-academic audiences
  • Joni Stephens and others including Darlene Armstrong. "Review of Pain Control Techniques." LLUSD Alumni Student Meeting. Loma Linda, CA ( 2/2007 )
  • Darlene Armstrong. "Educational Video and Multimedia; Active Online Learning, Emerging Trends (in education), Curriculum Design and Delivery, Grantwriting, Capstone Experience in Educational Technology and Learning." Azusa Pacific University. Inland Empire ( 7/2004 - 2/2005 )