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Danilyn Angeles, PhD
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Professor, Nursing - Graduate
School of Nursing
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
School of Medicine
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Calderon T, Boskovic D, Sowers L, Angeles DM.  Use of purines and xanthine oxidase as markers of neonatal hypoxia-ischemia. 2008.  Advances in Neurological Research, 209-277.  Research Signposts, Editor:  John H. Zhang ( 1/2008 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Calderon T, Wu W, Rawson R, Sakala E, Sowers L, Boskovic D, Angeles DM.  Effect of Mode of Birth on Purine and Malondialdehyde in Umbilical Arterial Plasma in Normal Term Newborns.  J Perinatology, 2008, 28, 475-481 ( 10/2008 )
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  • Angeles DM, Ashwal S, Wycliffe N, Ebner C , Fayard E, Sowers L, Holshouser B.  2007.  Relationship Between Opioid Therapy, Tissue Damaging Procedures And Brain Metabolites As Measured By Proton MRS In Asphyxiated Term Neonates. Pediatr Res. 2007 May;61(5 Pt 1):614-21 ( 5/2007 )
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