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David Bee, MD, MS, FACP
Assistant Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine
Service    Community Service
  • Board Member - I have been a member of the board of "El Proyecto del Barrio" since 1995. We are a community service agency in the San Fernando and San Gabriel Valleys. We operate several primary care and OB clinics as well as provide educational, job training, drug rehab and child care services to the underserved. I have lobbied in Congress in behalf of this organization as well as for its'''' national association.  Re-elected for 5 year term Oct 2012 ( 7/1996 - 10/2017 )
  Society Memberships (professional)
  • American College of Physicians (Fellow) ( 1/1973 - 1/2013 )
    Regular Member
  • Medical Society, county, CMA, AMA ( 1/1999 - 12/2012 )
    Regular Member
  Committee Membership (LLU)
  • QI committee - Member of Medicine department QI committee. ( 7/2004 )