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Ernest Schwab, PhD
Associate Professor, Allied Health Studies
School of Allied Health Professions
Service    Community Service
  • Judge - Califronia State Science Fair. Annual competition for students in California schools, grades 7-12. Judging of original science research and projects. Final judging occurs at Exposition Park, Los Angeles. ( 5/1999 - Present )
  Committee Membership (LLU)
  • General Education & Humanities Task Force - Ad Hoc committee to study possibilities for, and design a proposal recommending, the formation of a Humanities faculty body at Loma Linda University. Chair: Jim Walters, Phd ( 6/2005 - 6/2006 )
  • Faculty Grievance Committee - Member-at-Large. Committee to hear and make recommendations relative to faculty grievances. ( 7/2004 - 6/2006 )
  • North Academic Complex Task Force: Anatomy Subgroup - University committee guiding development of the Centenial Complex. Chair: Verlon Strauss ( 7/2004 - 5/2006 )
  • Electronic Academic Processing Committee - This committee is charged with converting university forms and processes to electronic work flow. Chair: D. P. Harris, PhD ( 1/2007 - Present )
  • Educational Effectiveness Committee - Evaluation and oversight of all academic programs, with particular focus on those programs lacking specific external oversight from professional accreditation bodies. ( 1/2007 - Present )
  • Commission on Spiritual Values - University committee studying institutional core values, their implementation in faculty and student life, and assessment of outcomes associated with those implementations. Chair: Richard Hart, MD, DrPH ( 7/2006 - Present )
  • SAHP Humanitec Working Group - Advisory group guiding program operation and problem solving, BS Health Science Humanitec. Chair: Ernie Schwab, PhD ( 12/2005 - Present )
  • Academic Deans - SEM Committee - Committee dealing with oversight, policy and planning affecting academic and strategic enrollment issues. Chair: Ron Carter, PhD ( 7/2005 - Present )
  • University Academic Affairs Committee - Overarching committee for all academic issues at Loma Linda University. ( 7/2005 - Present )
  • SAHP Administrative Council - Administrative leadership team for School of Allied Health Professions, comprised of department chairs, faculty governance president, associate deans and assistant deans. Chair: Craig Jackson, JD, MSW - Dean ( 7/2004 - Present )
  • Associate Dean for Academic Affairs - Chief academic administrator for the School of Allied Health Professions, currently supporting 42 medical professional academic programs, ranging from certificate and associate degree programs through the PhD and DSc degrees. ( 7/2004 - Present )
  • General Education Committee - Subcommittee of the University Academic Affairs Committee. Considers proposals, variances and changes to the general education component of undergraduate degrees awarded by Loma Linda University. Chair: Larry Chinnock, EdD ( 7/2004 - Present )
  • SAHP Program Directors Committee - Committe comprised of academic directors for the 39 SAHP academic programs, associate and assistant deans. Chair: Craig Jackson, JD, MSW - Dean ( 7/2004 - Present )
  • SAHP Information Systems Coordinating Committee - Committee charged with evaluating and approving proposals and requests for all electronic instrumentation and information systems hardware/software purchased by SAHP. Chair: Art Kroetz, PhD ( 12/1996 - Present )