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Georgia Hodgkin, EdD
Associate Chair, Nutrition and Dietetics
School of Allied Health Professions
Professor, Nutrition and Dietetics
School of Allied Health Professions
Member, Dietetics & Nutrition, SAHP, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Hodgkin, GE.  An Apple A Day, Vol. 3, Loma Linda, CA:Loma Linda Printing, 2008. ( 12/2008 ) Link...
  Books and Chapters
  • Georgia E. Hodgkin, EdD, RD, FADA . Vegetarian Diets. California Daily Food Guide: California Department of Health, Nutrition Branch, Sept, 2008. ( 9/2008 )
  • Hodgkin, Georgia E.. Nutritional Assessment.  In Egan''s Fundamentals of Respiratory Care, 9ed.  Philadelphia, PA: Mosby, 2008. ( 3/2008 )
  • Georgia E. Hodgkin, EdD, RD, FADA. Vegetarian diets for children. Pediatric Nutrition in Chronic Diseases and Developmental Disorders: Oxford University Press, 2005. ( 4/2005 )
  Non-Scholarly Journals
  • Hodgkin G and Hodges L.  My Vege Plate.  General Conference Nutrition Council, Silver Spring, MD, 2012.  A food guide graphic for the public to guide daily menu planning.

    ( 8/2012 )
  • Hodgkin G, Keeney C, Kroetz A.  Seventh-day AdventistsEducation for Life, Loma Linda Printing, Loma Linda, CA.  A brochure describing the essence of the SDA beliefs for students in the School of Allied Health Professions. ( 10/2011 )
  • Georgia Hodgkin,"Nutrition and Academic Achievement:  Are they related?" Dialogue, Vol 20:2008. ( 1/2008 )