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Grenith Zimmerman, PhD
Associate Dean, Research, School of Allied Health Professions
School of Allied Health Professions
Professor, Allied Health Studies
School of Allied Health Professions
Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Presentations    General Academic Presentation
  • Zimmerman GJ, Students Are There Any Questions, ASAHP Annual Conference, San Antonio, TX, Oct 21-23, 2009 ( 10/2009 - Present )
  Research Presentations -- National
  • Grenith J. Zimmerman. "Playing the Numbers Game: Use of Data & Statistics in Infection Control." Foundations of Infection Control. Ontario California ( 9/2004 - Present )
  Poster Presentation
  •   Scheule AM, Zimmerman GJ, Johnston JK, Razzouk, AJ, Gundry SR, Bailey LL.  Duration of graft cold ischemia does not affect outcomes in pediatric heart transplant recipients.  Poster at American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, Anaheim, CA, November 11-14, 2001. ( 11/2001 - Present )
  • Zimmerman GJ.  Using the Internet to teach critical evaluation of scientific literature.  Poster at Setting Sail Healthy People 2010, ASAHP Annual Conference, Norfolk, VA, October 10-14, 2001. ( 10/2001 - Present )
  • Zimmerman GJ, Nelson JC, Wilcox RB. Use of positive predictive value in determining reference ranges for normal Thyroid function using thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH): An application of Bayes'''''''''''''''' theorem. Poster at Annual Meeting of the American Statistical Association, Baltimore, MD, August 8‑12, 1999. ( 8/1999 - Present )
  •  Long S, D''''''''Antonio L, Zimmerman GJ, Petti G, Chonkick G. The relationship between quality of life and depression in patients following surgery for head and neck cancer. Poster at Annual meeting of the Triological Society, Scottsdale, AZ , May 12‑14, 1997. ( 5/1997 - Present )
  •  Poster Presentations at XIIth International Symposium of Parkinson''''''''''''''''s Disease, London, March 23‑26, 1997.  a. Zimmerman GJ, D''''''''''''''''Antonio LL, Iacono RP. Relationship between changes in Hoehn and Yahr scores and quality of life measures in 13 patients with advanced Parkinson''''''''''''''''s disease six months and one year following bilateral posteroventral pallidotomy. b. Peterman A, D''''''''''''''''Antonio L, Zimmerman GJ. Measuring global quality of life in patients with Parkinson''''''''''''''''s Disease.  c. D''''''''''''''''Antonio LL, Zimmerman GJ, Iancono RP Changes in quality of life in patients with Parkinson''''''''''''''''s disease with and without posteroventaral pallidotomy. ( 3/1997 - Present )
  • Zimmerman GJ. Stochastic integral of L, ‑functions with respect to a two parameter Gaussian Process. Institute of Math Stat. Conf. 1991, Atlanta,GA. ( 8/1991 - Present )
  • Zimmerman GJ. Research methods for the health sciences librarian. Joint Meeting of Medical Library Group of Southern California and Arizona, Scottsdale, AZ, 1991. ( 5/1991 - Present )
  • Zimmerman GJ. Sobolev derivatives and Ito decomposition formula for Gaussian processes using properties of  their RKESs. Conference on Gaussian Random Fields, 1990 Nagoya, Japan. ( 8/1990 - Present )