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Gerald Gollin, MD
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Gutierrez I, Gollin G: Exclusion of neutropenic children from implanted central venous catheter placement: impact upon early catheter removal. J Pediatr Surg 45:1115-19, 2010 ( 6/2010 )
  • Curtis JL, Wong G, Gutierrez I, Gollin G: Pledgeted mattress sutures reduce recurrent reflux after laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. J Pediatr Surg 45:1159-64, 2010. ( 1/2010 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Curtis JL, Gutierrez IM, Kirk S, Gollin G: Failure of enema reduction for ileocolic intussusception at a referring hospital does not preclude repeat attempts at a children’s hospital. J Pediatr Surg 45:1178-81, 2010. ( 6/2010 )
  • Gollin, G and Moores, DM. "Turning whine into wine: The fiscal impact of comprehensive documentation and billing for non-operative pediatric surgical services." Journal of Pediatric Surgery 41.6 (2006): 1093-1095. ( 6/2006 )
    Purpose: Many pediatric surgeons rarely document non-operative services, believing that the reimbursement provided for such care is negligible. We evaluated the impact of comprehensive documentation and billing for non-operative, pediatric surgical care. Methods: All bills submitted for inpatient, non-operative care for one year were reviewed. Total receipts for documented admissions, consultations, critical care, and daily care were determined. The evaluation and management (E&M) code billed for each service was recorded and the total and average payment attributable to each E&M code was calculated. Results: 58% of services were covered by Medicaid and 31% by a commercial insurer. There were 607 billed admission H&Ps for which reimbursement totaled $43,493. Critical care services were provided to 49 patients and yielded $8,964 in payments. 639 inpatient consultations were performed with a reimbursement of $42,830. Daily care services were billed 1044 times and produced $71,579 in payments. Overall reimbursement for documented, non-operative services was $166,866. This represented 16.2% of total, non-contracted income for the practice. Conclusion: Despite a payer mix heavily weighted toward Medicaid, comprehensive documentation and billing for non-operative services increased total, non-contracted reimbursement by almost 20%. The yield from properly-documented, non-operative care can be substantial and, if done efficiently, worth the effort.
  • Henry M, Gollin G. "Risk factors for development of abdominal abscess following operation for perforated appendicitis in children." Archives of Surgery . (): -. (*)
  Non-Scholarly Journals
  • Gollin G, Moores D and Baerg J"Getting residents in the game: An evaluation of general surgery residents' participation in pediatric laparoscopic surgery." Journal of Pediatric Surgery 01 01 2004: 78 - 80 ( 1/2004 )
  • Gollin, G and Moores, DM"Turning whine into wine: The fiscal impact of comprehensive documentationand billing for non-operative pediatric surgical services.." Journal of Pediatric Surgery 01 01 1900: (*)