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H. Bryant Nguyen, MD
Vice Chair, Research, Medicine
School of Medicine
Professor, Emergency Medicine
School of Medicine
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Professor, Medicine
School of Medicine
Presentations    Research Presentations -- International
  • Early Goal-Directed Therapy: Pro-Con Debate (*)
  • Non-invasive Hemodynamic Monitoring in the Emergency Department (*)
  • Sepsis Bundles: Pros and Cons (*)
  • ARDS and ALI: An Evidence-Based Review (*)
  • Endpoints of Resuscitation: Goals and Markers of Resuscitation Effectiveness in Sepsis (*)
  • Glucose Control in the Critically Ill (*)
  • Implementation Issues for the Sepsis Bundles (*)
  Research Presentations -- National
  • Physiologic scoring in the emergency department (*)
  • EGDT in Sepsis: Is it necessary to give the full monty in the ED? (*)
  • Targeting oxygenation and flow in the resuscitation of septic shock (*)
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring and Resuscitation Endpoints: A review of current techniques (*)
  • Vasoactive and Inotrope Therapy in the Critically Ill Patient (*)
  • ED Management of Septic Shock: Defining Care or Delaying Progress (*)
  • Hemodynamic Assessment in the Emergency Department (*)
  • Sepsis and the Microcirculation (*)
  • Advances in Severe Sepsis Care: Measurements of Protocol Success (*)
  • Advances in Severe Sepsis Care: Bundling for Success and Overcoming the Barriers (*)
  • Severe Sepsis and Septic Shock: 2008 Update and Evidence-based Review (*)
  Research Presentations -- Local/Campus
  • Ischemic Heart Disease Pathogenesis and Risk Factors: Role of Inflammation (*)
  • Ventricular Arrhythmias – An Evidence Based Review (*)
  • Alveolar Epithelial Ion and Fluid Transport: Basic to Clinical Science (*)
  • Post-Cardiac Arrest Therapeutic Hypothermia: A Review of the Evidence (*)
  • Management of Cerebral Edema (*)
  • Physiologic Basis for High Frequency Oscillatory Ventilation     (*)
  • Tracheostomy in the Critically Ill: It’s a Matter of Time (*)
  • Measuring Cardiac Output: Techniques and Rationale (*)
  • Effective Sedation in the Intensive Care Setting (*)
  • Endothelial Barrier Dysfunction in Acute Lung Injury and ARDS (*)
  • Critical Rheumatologic Illnesses (*)