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Hildemar Dos Santos, MD, DrPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Professional Development    Classes
  • International Conference on Physical Activity, Loma Linda University, September 2008 ( 9/2008 )
    New research on exercise and how to promote it to the community
  • Wellsource training in San Diego - Corporate Wellness Programs development ( 9/2008 )
    It gives a person the hability to design and implemente corporate wellness programs using Wellsource software.
  • Medifast seminar at Drayson Center ( 9/2008 )
    Medifast is a program that uses meal replacements for weight loss.
  • How to develop a more professional preparation course to influence students in their future profession ( 9/2008 )
    It helped to provide more practical information to the students regarding the many aspects of their future profession.
  • Introduction to The Solution Method, a method used to counsel individuals who have mostly problems with weight, diet and other unhealthy behaviors ( 8/2008 )
  Seminars and Conferences
  • Loma Linda Healthy People conferences - I haven't missed one since 2001

    ( 3/2001 - 3/2014 )

    I have been involved in the organization of the Healthy People, 2010 and 11 - they are focused on lifestyle and the prevention of diseases and this has become the main conference at Loma Linda University. Attended 2012, 2013 and 2014 as well as brought my health assessment team of students to these latest three conferences. Presented a scientific topic on the prevention of heart disease in the 2012 session.

  • American College of Lifestyle Medicine October 2014, Washington DC ( 10/2013 )
    The most important conference on lifestyle in the country. Presence of famous speakers as Dr. McDougal, Esselstyn, Rippe, Katz, Campbell, WEber, Dysinger and others.
  Post-doc Training
  • ACSM - HFS - American College of Sports Medicine - Health and Fitness Specialist, 2001 ( 11/2001 - 11/2014 )
    The HFI credential is important for the Preventive Care professional as he or she will promote exercise as a tool or even as a medicine to prevent, rehabilitate and treat chronic diseases. Currently certified up to 2014
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist

    ( 10/2011 - 10/2014 )

    Have an NPI # and is able to attend patients in California and being reimbursed by insurance working under a physician. Certified by 2014

  • CHES - Certified Health Education Specialist - certificate in 2001. ( 9/2001 - 9/2014 )
    The CHES is an important tool for health educators that gives them the credential to speak and act in public health specially in my case in community health. Certified through 2014
  • Certified Limited Phlebotomist ( 6/2011 - 6/2014 )
    Credentialed by the State of California Health Department to perform blood screenings through finger sticks.