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Hildemar Dos Santos, MD, DrPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Research & Grantsmanship    Patents Earned
  • The FINDEX (2015) ( 4/2015 )
    REgistered patent for the name FINDEX the fiber index to be used in our patients and the comunity
  Funded Research Project (CI)
  • Smoking Among Homeless Children in Redlands, California
    With authors: Naomi Modeste, Peter Gleason, Daniel Handysides
    For SPH GRIP ( 1/2013 - 4/2015 )
  • Breast Cancer Prevention Community Programs
    with PI Padma Uppala
    Granted by Kaiser Permanente Foundation ( 1/2013 - 12/2013 )
  Non-Funded Research Project
  • Hong Kong Lifestyle Study ( 1/2014 - 10/2015 )
    An upgrade of the former Hong Kong Adventist Survey. Now the study will incorporate three different communitities in Hong Kong, Adventists, Christians in general, and other local  religions. Main features: Spirituality and Health, Spirituality and Lifestyle, LIfestyle and Health.
  • Dos Santos, H – The Fiber Index - FINDEX ® (2015).

    ( 4/2015 )
    Developing of an instrument to assess and manage fiber intake for weight management. Validation and research is being done among the participants of the Full Plate Diet Program at LLU Drayson Center Preventive Care Clinic.


  • Luu, S, Tantamango, Y, Ghamsary M, Dos Santos, H (2015)

    ( 4/2015 )
    Diet patterns and hospitalization among the elderly in the AHS 2. Ongoing dissertation. Concept paper approved both by the PC and AHS 2 committees.
  • Dos Santos, H. Malik N, Clausen, D. (2015)


    ( 3/2015 - 4/2015 )
    Diabetes and Diet – Assessing the effects of a high fiber diet with beans plus restriction of rice and wheat in the management of patients with type II Diabetes. Designing phase
  • Yoshimitsu, M, Berk L, Dos Santos, H, Arechiga A (2015).

    ( 2/2015 - 4/2015 )
    Using mindfulness meditation as a tool to enhance smoking cessation. Ongoing dissertation. Concept paper approved
  • Celestin, M, Gamboa-Maldonado, T, Montgomery S, Dos Santos, H. (2015) ( 1/2015 - 4/2015 )
     Social connectedness and acculturation in a community health worker-led diabetes prevention program. Ongoing dissertation. Concept paper approved
  • Remillard, S, Montgomery, S, Casiano, L, Wilson C, Dos Santos, H (2015)

    ( 1/2015 - 4/2015 )
    Health Disparities: Stress, Sleep and Hypertension in Black Males. Findings from The Project CHANGE study. Ongoing dissertation. Proposal approved.
  • Rosario, C, Modeste, N, Lee, J, Morrell, H, Dos Santos, H (2015) 

    ( 8/2014 - 4/2015 )
    Health literacy: institutional and individual predictors of tobacco use among African Americans college students. Ongoing dissertation
  • Watkins, C, Hopp-Marshak, H, Dos Santos, H, Cort, D, Shaw, S, Modeste, N (2015). Diet and asthma.

    ( 4/2014 - 4/2015 )
    Eating away-from-home foods and asthma prevalence and severity in the U.S. Ongoing dissertation.
  • Walbolt M, Herring P, Sherman, C, Dos Santos, H (2015).

    ( 4/2014 - 4/2015 )
    Evaluating Changes in Family Functioning Following the Shapedown Program. Ongoing dissertation. Proposal defended and approved.
  • Alanizi, N, Job, J, Singh, P, Dos Santos, H, Lee, J. (2015)

    ( 4/2014 - 4/2015 )
    Association between Hukah (waterpipe smoking) to smoking behavior in a Saudi-Arabia community. Ongoing dissertation. Ongoing dissertation, proposal defended and approved.
  • Dos Santos, H, Celestin M. (2014) Hypertension and Water intake.

    ( 1/2014 - 3/2015 )
    Cross sectional investigation among patients at the Drayson Center Preventive Care Clinic – No association found – unpublished
  • Water Intake and Hypertension ( 6/2014 - 12/2014 )
    Proposal to anlayse clients who visited the Drayson Center Preventive Care Clinic to evaluate water intake and possible association with hypertension. Study design is made and researchers will apply for IRB.
  • Sella, LF, Modeste, N, Gomes EP, Dos Santos, H, Petersen, F, Costa Ferreira, A (2014). Lifestyle on a lifestu;e medicine  center

    ( 1/2014 - 12/2014 )
     Effect of a 6-day inpatient lifestyle modification program on lifestyle habits and cardiovascular risk factors in a subgroup of Seventh-Day Adventists from the ADVENTO Study cohort. Unfinished study.
  • Dos Santos, H, Gil, G, Luu, S. (2014)


    ( 4/2013 - 4/2014 )
    The association between eating time and weight in the Adventist Health Study I – Results showed no association with eating time and weight, however variables like calorie intake and exercise were not available in the sample. Unpublished
  • Zamansani, T, Dos Santos, H,  Beeson, L, Knutsen, S (2013) The association of diet and physical activity with stroke mortality 

    ( 1/2013 - 10/2013 )
    The association of diet and physical activity with stroke mortality - Results from the Adventist Health Study I. Published dissertation, unpublished journal
  • Malik, N, Haddad, E, Dos Santos, H, Tonstad, S. (2013) ( 4/2013 )
    The Fiber Study - Fiber intake and its relationship to cholesterol and diabetes. Published dissertation
  • King, K, Dos Santos, H, Montgomery, S, Tonstad, S. (2013)Project change.

    ( 4/2013 )
    understanding readiness to engage in a prevention intervention for young African American men living in low-income areas of southern California. Published dissertation, unpublished journal
  • Redman, K, Soret, S, Ghamsary, M, Dos Santos, H, Herring, P. (2013) Food environment and lifestyle.

    ( 3/2013 - 4/2013 )
    The effects of socioeconomic, built-environment, and food environment factors on childhood obesity in Montclair, California. Published dissertation, unpublished journal
  • Dihnluu, M, Dos Santos, H, Tonstad, S, Montgomery, S. (2012) Exercise video games

    ( 1/2012 - 4/2013 )
    Effects of exercise video gaming on motivation to real exercise. Published dissertation, unpublished journal
  • Barnes Reid, C, Modeste, N, Dos Santos, H, Banta, J. (2012) Perception of child weight.
    ( 1/2012 - 12/2012 )
    Factors affecting parents ierception of overweight or obesity in their children. Published dissertation, unpublished journal
  • Smoking among homeless children in Redlands and San Bernardino ( 10/2012 )
    Submitted to TRDRP - Tobacco-RElated Disease REsearch Program
    With PI: Dr. Naomi Modeste and co-authors: Peter Gleason and Daniel Handysides
    Budget: $100,000
    Not funded
  • Developing Health Brochures for Churches ( 7/2012 )
    Submitted to Versacare
    Budget: $10,000
    With intern: Fiona Lewis
  • Meal Time and Obesity in the Adventist Health Study I

    ( 10/2011 )

    This is to investigate if there is an influence of time of the meal, or more specifically if the person who eats a larger meal in the evening or at night will have a higher weight. There was no association with meal time and weight and probably other variables such as caloric intake and lack of exercise that were responsible for the weight outcome.

    Co-investigator - Dr Karen Jaceldo, Dr.PH, Sen Luu, MPH

    Project research terminated

  • Evaluation of the Chip Program submittet to Versacare ( 10/2010 - 10/2011 )
    Goal: To evaluate the effects of the CHIP program at multiple churches in the US.
    Budget $30,000
    Not funded
  • Adolescent Smoking Cessation Program at the LLU Medical Center Emergency Department ( 9/2011 )
    Partnership between the School of Public Health and School of Medicine
    Co-authors: Dr. Dos Santos and Dr. Moynihan
    Submitted to LLU GRASP
    Budget: $49,936
  • Hong Kong Adventist Health Study

    ( 1/2005 - 7/2011 )

    HKAHS was a cross sectional study to assess the health of the members of the SDAC in Hong Kong with the intention of developing strategies to improve health and prevent chronic and prevalent diseases in that population.
    Study terminated as there was a lot of important variables missing such as BMI. Also, most of the questions were not validated.

  • CHIP program research proposal submitted to the Allen Foundation 2009

    ( 10/2009 )
    Goal: To evaluate the effects of the CHIP program at multiple churches in the US.
    Budget $30,000
    Not funded
  • Hypertension Survey ( 8/2005 )
    Evaluation of patients with high blood pressure to assess compliance of treatment and behavior change.
  Abstracts Reporting Research -- Peer Reviewed
  • Johnston P.K., Haddad E.H., Dos Santos H., Makola D., Schulz E. (1997)

    ( 4/2015 )
    Bone mineral status in premenopausal vegan, lacto-ovovegetarian and omnivorous women. In: Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Nutritional Aspects of Osteoporosis, by Ares-Senoro Symposia Publications. Lausanne, Switzerland, May 1997.
  • De Borba-Silva M, Singh P, Dos Santos H, Job J, Brink T L, & Montgomery S. (2013). ( 4/2013 )
  • Dos Santos, H. (2006)  Lifestyle and Blood Lipids: Short Term Benefits. ( 12/2006 )
    Report of the Newstart Program in Hong Kong, China. In, "Journal of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology," 14(2), B6.
  • Newstart pre and pos test on lipids ( 12/2006 )
    This was a study to evaluate the effect of a one week inpatient program (Newstart) on the lipid levels of the participants. The Newstart programa consists of a vegetarian diet rich in fruits and vegetables, organic foods, high fiber and low fat foods and plenty of exercise and stress reducing activities. Results were significantly lower for total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and tryglicerides. Abstract  was presented in the First International Conference of Marketing Sport and Physical Activity in 2006, Hong Kong Baptist University and published as an abstract in the book of the conference, "Marketing sport and physical activity: A 21st Century Priority," pages 83-86.
  Abstracts Reporting Research -- Non-Peer Reviewed
  • Poster Presentation of the Portuguese Study at the Healthy People 2011 conference

    ( 10/2011 )
  • Church as a Community Center - the Loma LInda University Church experience - Healthy People 2010 ( 3/2010 )
    Poster presentation of the activities at the Loma Linda University church health ministries department