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Hildemar Dos Santos, MD, DrPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Research & Grantsmanship    Non-Funded Research Project
  • Meal Time and Obesity in the Adventist Health Study I - research still undergoing.

    ( 10/2011 )

    This is to investigate if there is an influence of time of the meal, or more specifically if the person who eats a larger meal in the evening or at night will have a higher weight.

    Co-investigator - Dr Karen Jaceldo, Dr.PH, Sen Luu, MPH

  • Hong Kong Adventist Health Study

    ( 1/2005 - 7/2007 )

    HKAHS was a cross sectional study to assess the health of the members of the SDAC in Hong Kong with the intention of developing strategies to improve health and prevent chronic and prevalent diseases in that population.

  Grant Proposals--Submitted
  • CHIP program, two grant proposals submitted to the Allen Foundation and Versacare in 2009 for a study to evaluate the effects of the CHIP programs developed in several churches in the US.

    ( 10/2011 )
  Abstracts Reporting Research -- Peer Reviewed
  • Poster Presentation of the Portuguese Study at the Healthy People 2011 conference

    ( 10/2011 )
  Abstracts Reporting Research -- Non-Peer Reviewed
  • Newstart pre and pos test on lipids ( 12/2006 )
    This was a study to evaluate the effect of a one week inpatient program (Newstart) on the lipid levels of the participants. The Newstart programa consists of a vegetarian diet rich in fruits and vegetables, organic foods, high fiber and low fat foods and plenty of exercise and stress reducing activities. Results were significantly lower for total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and tryglicerides, however they were also significantly lower for HDL cholesterol. The study was not published but was presented in the First International Conference of Marketing Sport and Physical Activity in 2006, Hong Kong Baptist University and in the First Asian Preventive Cardiology, HOng Kong college of Cardiology, Dec, 2006.
  • Hypertension Survey ( 8/2005 )
    Evaluation of patients with high blood pressure to assess compliance of treatment and behavior change.
  • Osteoporosis among vegetarians ( 9/1998 )
    Study was done to investigate differences in bone mass among three types of diets - vegans, lacto ovo vegetarians and omnivores. Results showed no differences between ovo-lacto and omnivores, but showed lower bone density for vegans compared to lacto-ovo and omnivores. PI was Dr. Patricia Johnston