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Heather Javaherian-Dysinger, OTD
Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy
School of Allied Health Professions
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Personal    Research Interests
  • My research passion involves domestic violence and underserved communities; our communtiies.  I am also interested in exploring occupational therapy and oncology, and issues facing women and children. ( 9/2008 - Present )
  Creative Activities
  • Having two children, Ariyana and Afshin, I had to give up my scrapbooking days but now I do digital scrapbooking with no mess to pick up! I love creating memories for the children. I enjoy gardening and picking fresh bouquets each week. One of the most favorite days for me and the kids is to go to the beach. ( 9/2008 - Present )
  • South Hills Church, Corona, CA ( 9/2008 - Present ) Link...