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Faculty Directory
Henry Lamberton, PsyD
Associate Dean, Student Affairs, School of Medicine
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Psychiatry
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Religion - Relational Studies
School of Religion
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Service    Society Memberships (professional)
  • American Psychological Association


    Society for the Psychology of Religion & Spirituality, (Division 36 of the American Psychological Association)

  Committee Membership (LLU)
  • School of Medicine Committees: Academic Review Committee;  Chair, Accommodations Committee (for students with disabilities); Admissions Committee; Associate Deans Committee; Chair, Scholarship Committee; Administrative Council; Diversity Advisory Committee; Spiritual Life & Wholeness Committee; Faculty Advisor to the SM Student Senate, Healthy Neighborhoods Project Executive Committee.     University Committees:  Student Affairs Department Heads Committee; Associate Deans for Student Affairs Committee; Institute for Community Partnerships Committee;  Institute for Community Partnership Oversight Committee;  Chair, Global Mission Appointment Committee;  Student Policy Subcommittee; Chapel Advisory Committee. Other:  Alumni Association of the School of Medicine Student Affairs Council;  Walter E. Macpherson Society board member. (*)
  Committee Membership (non-LLU)
  • National Committee on Student Affairs, Association of American Medical Colleges Group on Student Affairs. ( 7/2008 - 4/2010 )