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John Clymer, AB
Adj Asst Prof, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
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  • J. Clymer; P. Gaist, ed.; Chapt. 17, "Working Across Sectors: Preventing Disease and Promoting Health through Policy and Practice," Igniting the Power of Community: The Role of CBOs and NGOs in Improving Global Public Health, Springer, ISBN 978-0-387-98156-7; 2010

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    Igniting the Power of Community: The Role of CBOs and NGOs in Global Public Health introduces readers to the pursuit and potential of community-based organizations and nongovernmental organizations to transform global public health. At a time of unprecedented challenge with economic crises, social inequalities, environmental stressors and emerging health threats, these organizations are driving change, often being the first to call attention to the issues and increasingly forging significant and sustainable solutions.  See http://www.springer.com/public+health/book/978-0-387-98156-7