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Jessica Kim, DDS
Adj Asst Prof, School of Dentistry
School of Dentistry
Patient Care    Patient Care
  • Clinical Faculty - Each session students require a start check from their attending before preceding with the procedure for the day. We review the patients medical history and the procedure to be done. Start checks are given and the students proceed. When they require help, or a check for the next step we stop to evaluate the work that has been done, make modifications as needed and give them permission to finish the procedure. For students that are doing evaluations, we go over treatment planning with the students and give the patients their options. We also cover student clinical examinations. For these procedures we do not assist the student as we are grading their ability to understand and make sound clinical judgments. If we believe the students are not prepared to take competencies we intervene as we are here to provide care to patients and teach our students. ( 7/2007 - Present )