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Jiping Tang, MD
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Titova E, Ostrowski RP, Zhang JH, Tang J. Experimental models of subarachnoid hemorrhage for studies of cerebral vasospasm. Journal of Neurological Research. 31:568-581, 2009 ( 0/2009 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Wu B, Ma Q, Suzuki H, Chen C, Liu W, Tang J, Zhang J. Recombinant Osteopontin Attenuates Brain Injury after Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Mice. Neurocritical Care, 14:109-117, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Ma Q, Manaenko A, Khatibi N, Chen W, Zhang JH, Tang J. Vascular adhesion protein-1 inhibition provides neuroprotection from intracerebral hemorrhage induced brain injury in mice. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism, 31:881-893, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Lekic T, Rolland W, Hartman R, Kamper J, Suzuki H, Tang J, Zhang JH. Characterization of the Brain Injury, Neurobehavioral Profiles and Histopathology in a Rat Model of Cerebellar Hemorrhage. Experimental Neurology, 227:96-103, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Chen W, Ma Q, Suzuki H, Hartman R, Tang J, Zhang JH, Osteopontin reduced hypoxia-ischemia neonatal brain injury by suppression of apoptosis in a rat pup model, Stroke, 42:764-769, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Hu Q, Ma Q, Zhan Y, He Z, Zhou C, Tang J, Zhang JH. Isoflurane Enhanced Hemorrhagic Transformation by Impairing Antioxidant Enzymes in Hyperglycemic MCAO Rats. Stroke, 42:1750-1756, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Manaenko A, Chen H, Kammer J, Zhang JH, Tang J. Comparison Evans Blue Injection Routes: Intravenous vs. Intraperitoneal, for Measurement of Blood-Brain Barrier in a Mouse Hemorrhage Model. Journal of Neuroscience Methods. 195:206-210, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Duris K, Manaenko A, Suzuki H, Rolland W, Tang J, Zhang JH. Sampling of CSF via the Cisterna Magna and Blood Collection via the Heart Affects Brain Water Content in a Rat SAH Model. Translational Stroke Research. 2:232-237, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Manaenko A, Fathali N, Khatibi N, Lekic T, Hasegawa Y, Tang J, Zhang JH. Arginine- Vasopressin V1a Receptor Inhibition Improves Neurologic Outcomes Following An Intracerebral Hemorrhagic Brain Injury. Neurochemistry International. 58:542-548, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Khatibi N, Ma Q, Rolland W, Ostrowski R, Fathali N, Martin R, Applegate R, Stier G, Tang J, Zhang J. Isoflurane post-treatment reduces brain injury following intracerebal hemorrhagic stroke in mice. Anesthesia & Analgesia. 2011 May 19. PMID: 21506881 ( 0/2011 )
  • Chen D, Tang J, Khatibi NH, Zhu M, Li Y, Wang C, Jiang R, Tu L, Wang S. Treatment with z-ligustilide, a component of angelica sinensis, reduces brain injury following a subarachnoid hemorrhage in rats. The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics. 337:663-672, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Eckermann J, Chen W; Jadhav V, Frank H; Colohan A, Tang J, Zhang J. Hydrogen is Neuroprotective against Surgically Induced Brain Injury. Medical Gas Research. 1:7, 2011 ( 0/2011 )
  • Fathali N, Ostrowski RP, Lekic T, Jadhav V, Tong W, Tang J, Zhang JH. Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibition provides lasting protection against neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain injury, Critical Care Medicine, 38:572-578, 2010 ( 0/2010 )
  • Wu B, Ma Q, Khatibi N, Chen W, Sozen T, Cheng O, Tang J. Ac-YVAD-CMK Decreases Blood Brain Barrier Degradation by Inhibiting Caspase-1 Activation of Interleukin 1β in Intracerebral Hemorrhage Mouse Model. Translational Stroke Research, 1:57-64, 2010 ( 0/2010 )
  • Tong W, Chen W, Ostrowski RP, Ma Q, Souvenir R, Zhang L, Zhang JH, Tang J. Maternal hypoxia increases the activity of MMPs and decreases the expression of TIMPs in the brain of neonatal rats. Developmental Neurobiology, 70:182-194, 2010 ( 0/2010 )
  • Chen C, Ostrowski RP, Zhou C, Tang J, and Zhang JH. Suppression of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1a and Its Downstream Genes Reduces Acute Hyperglycemia-Enhanced Hemorrhagic Transformation in a Rat Model of Cerebral Ischemia. Journal of Neuroscience Research, 88:2046-2055, 2010 ( 0/2010 )
  • Chen C, Manaenko A, Zhan Y, Liu W, Ostrowski RP, Tang J, and Zhang JH. Hydrogen Gas Reduced Acute Hyperglycemia‐Enhanced Hemorrhagic Transformation in a Focal Ischemia Rat Model. Neuroscience, 169:402-414, 2010 ( 0/2010 )
  • Fathali N, Lekic T, Zhang JH, Tang J. Long-term evaluation of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor on hypoxic-ischemic brain damage in infant rats. Intensive Care Medicine, 36:1602-1608, 2010 ( 0/2010 )
  • Lekic T, Hartman R, Rojas H, Manaenko A, Chen W, Ayer R, Tang J, Zhang JH. Protective effect of melatonin upon neuropathology, striatal function, and memory ability after intracerebral hemorrhage in rats. Journal of Neurotrauma. 27:627-37, 2010 ( 0/2010 )
  • Li Y, Tang J, Khatibi N, Zhu M, Chen D, Zheng W and Wang S. Ginsenoside RB1 Reduces Neurologic Damage is Anti-Apoptotic, and Down-Regulates p53 and BAX in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage.  Current Neurovascular Research, 7:85-94, 2010 ( 0/2010 )
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  Scholarly Journals--Accepted
  • Souvenir R, Fathali N, Ostrowski R, Lekic T, Zhang JH, Tang J. Tissue Inhibitor of Matrix Metalloproteinase Mediates Erythropoietin-induced Neuroprotection in Hypoxia Ischemia. Neurobiology of Disease. In press   ( 0/2011 )
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  • Ma Q, Huang B, Khatibi N, Rolland W, Suzuki H, Zhang JH and Tang J. PDGFR-α Inhibition Preserves Blood-Brain Barrier after Intracerebral Hemorrhage. Annals of Neurology. In press ( 0/2011 )