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John Testerman, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Family Medicine
School of Medicine
Presentations    General Academic Presentation
  • The Primary Care Physician Pipeline, Part V: (Roundtable Discussion).  "Locating Sites of Training to Influence the Geographic Distribution of Physicians: Does the Strategy Work?" ( 4/2012 )
  Research Presentations -- National
  • John K. Testerman and Jamie Osborn. "Adding a Rural Training Track to an Urban Family Medicine Program." 5th National Workshop on the Community Benefits of Family Medicine Residency Programs. San Antonio, TX ( 8/2005 )
  • Jeffrey Carrick, M.D., John Testerman, MD, Kelly Morton, Ph.D.. "Physician Detection of Gum Disease in Diabetic Patients." Inland Empire Residency Exchange Research Conference. Wong Kerlee Conference Center, Loma Linda, CA ( 6/2005 )
  • John Testerman, MD, Ph.D.. "Spirituality and Religion: The Healthcare Intersection, 1 1/2 hour workshop, given twice." Kaiser Permanente's 27th annual National Diversity Conference. Universal City, CA ( 10/2004 )
  Poster Presentation
  • Hieu Nguyen, D.O., John Testerman, M.D., Kelly Morton, Ph.D.. "Diabetic Feet: Can we increase foot exam rates in Famiy Medicine?." Annual Postgrduate Convention Poster Presentation Session. Loma Linda, CA. ( 3/2005 )
  Presentations given to non-academic audiences
  • John Testerman. "Multiperspectival Worldviews: a way of integrating Science, Arts, Religion, and the Social and Psychological Sciences." Sabbath Seminars. Coleman Pavilion, Loma Linda ( 6/2007 )
  • John Testerman. "Health effects of positive or toxic spirituality." Family Forum. Univesity Church, Loma Linda, CA ( 4/2006 )
  • John Testerman, MD, Ph.D.. "Being Christian in an Age of Pluralism." Diverse Views on the Spiritual Path. Center for Contemplative Spirituality, Riverside, CA ( 12/2004 )
  • John Testerman, MD, Ph.D.. "The Influence of Jack Provonsha." Center for Christian Bioethics Contributors Convocation. Rancho Santa Fe, CA ( 11/2004 )