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Jung Wei Chen, DDS, MS, PhD
Professor, Pediatric Dentistry
School of Dentistry
Member, Pediatric Dentistry, SD, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • C-X. Sun, N. Wall, N. Angelov, C. Ririe, J-W. Chen, D. Boskovic, J. Henkin.  Changes in mRNA Expression of Adenosine Receptors in Human Chronic Periodontitis.  The Chinese Journal of Dental Research. 2011;14(2):113-120 ( 0/2011 )
  • P. Roe, J.Kan, K.Rungcharassaeng, J. Lozada, A. Kleinman, C.Goodacre, J-W. Chen.  Immediate Loading of Unsplinted Implants in the Anterior Mandible for Overdentures:  A case series. Int J Oral Maxillofac Implants 2010:25(5):1028-35 PMID 20862419 ( 0/2010 )
  • J. Moseley, J-W Chen, F. Traficante, R. Grabowsky.  Comparison of Fluoride Concentations in Commonly Consumed Ready-to-eat Infant Foods.  Pediatr Dent 2010;32(7):389-93. ( 0/2010 )
  • B. Katheria, C. Kau, R.Tate, J-W. Chen, J. English, J. Bouquot.  Effectiveness of Impacted and Supernumerary Tooth Diagnosis from Traditional Radiography Versus Cone Beam Computed Tomography.  Pediatric Dentistry 2010;32(4):389-394 ( 0/2010 )
  • DS. Reznik, AH. Jeske, J-W. Chen, J. English.  Comparative Efficacy of Two Topical Anesthetics for The Placement of Orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Devices. Anesthesia Progress 2009;56:81-85. American Dental Society of Anesthesiology. ( 0/2010 )
  • C. Siew, S. Strock, H. Ristic, P. Kang, H-N. Chou, J-W. Chen, J..Frantsve-Hawley, D. Meyer. Assessing a Potential Risk Factor for Enamel Fluorosis:  A preliminary evaluation of fluoride content in infant formulas.  J Am Dent Assoc 2009;140(10):1228-36  PMID 19797552 ( 0/2009 )
  • AE. Levine, RD. Bebermeyer, J-W. Chen, D. Davis, C. Harty.  Development of a Dental Information Technology Course:  An Interdisciplinary Approach. J Dent Edu, 2008. J. Dent Educ. 2008;72(9):1067-1076. ( 0/2008 )
  • M. Gupta, J-W. Chen, JO. Ontiveros. Veneer Retention of Pre-veneered Primary Stainless Steel Crowns after Crimping.  J Dent Child. 2008;75(1):44-47. ( 0/2008 )
  • AH. Jeske, JG. Giovannitti , KA. Peters, J-W. Chen, MP. Ryan.  Review and Update of Enteral Conscious Sedation and Emergency Procedures for Texas Dental Practitioners. Texas Dent J May 2007;124(5):468-478. ( 5/2007 )
  • J-W. Chen, J. Ziang.  Comparing Text-Based and Graphic User Interfaces for Novice and Expert Users.  AMIA 2007 Annua l Symposium proceeding. (ID AMIA-0560-S2007) ( 0/2007 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Paravina R, Majkic G, Stalker JR, Kiat-amnuay S, Chen J-W.  Development of a Model Shade Guide for Primary Teeth.  European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry. 2008:9(2)74-78.   ( 0/2008 )
  • Cheng Y-F, Chen J-W, Lin S-J, Lu H-K.  Is Coronally Positioned Flap Procedure Adjunct with Enamel Matrix Derivative or Root Conditioning a Relevant Predictor for Achieving Root Coverage?  A Systemic Review. Journal of Periodontal Research. (1)2-11,2007. (Online Journal)    ( 0/2007 )
  • CF. Ezzat, C. Chavarria, JF. Teichgraeber, J-W. Chen, RG. Stratmann, J. Gateno, JJ. Xia.  Pre-Surgical Nasoalveolar Molding (PNAM) Therapy for the Treatment of Unilateral Cleft Lip and Palate:  A Preliminary Study.  Cleft Palate Craniofac J.  2007;44(1):8-12. ( 0/2007 )
  • M. Milano, JY. Lee, K. Donavan, J-W. Chen.  A Cross-Sectional Study of Medication Related Factors and Caries Experience in Asthmatic Children.  J Pediatr Dentistry 2006;28:5. ( 0/2006 )
  Scholarly Journals--Accepted
  • J-W Chen.  Clinical and Radiographic Success of MTA compared with FC as pulpotomy medicaments in primary molars: A (systemic) review and meta-analysis.  Pediatric Dentistry 2013; ():- (waiting on vol issue and page number) ( 0/2013 )
  • S. Omar, J-W. Chen, B. Nelson, W. Okumura, and W. Zhang.  Fluoride Concentration in Commonly Consumed Infant Juices. Journal of Dentistry for Children (in print) ( 0/2013 )
  • J-W. Chen, V.L. Leggitt.  Pulp Treatment for Young first Permanent Molars: To Treat or Extract?  Endodontic Topics in press ( 0/2013 )
  • J-W. Chen, M. Jorden. Materials for Primary Tooth Pulp Treatment: The Present and The Future.  Endodontic Topics  in press ( 0/2013 )
  • Reznik DS, Jeske AH, Chen J-W, English J.  Comparative Efficacy of Two Topical Anesthetics for The Placement of Orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Devices. Anesthesia Progress 2008 (In Press) Siew C, Chou H-N, Chen J-W.  Infant Formulas and the Potential Risk for Enamel Fluorosis.  J Ame Dent Asso 2008 (In Press) ( 1/2001 - 1/2009 )
  • J-W. Chen, SV. Seybold, H. Yazdi.  Assessment of the Effects of 2 Sedation Regimens on Cardiopulmonary Parameters in Pediatric Dental Patients:  A Retrospective Study.  J Pediatr Dent 2006;28:350-356. ( 0/2006 )
  • C. Chavarria, J-W. Chen, JF. Teichgraeber.  Use of Pre-Surgical Nasal Alveolar Molding Appliance in Treating Cleft Lip and Palate Patients.  Texas Dental Journal; Oct 2004;976-981. ( 10/2004 )
  • MIH Lin, CM. Flaitz, AJ. Moretti, SV. Seybold, J-W. Chen.  Evaluation of Halitosis in Children and Mothers.  Pediatr Dent 2003;25(6):553-58. ( 0/2003 )
  • J-W. Chen, CM. Flaitz, B. Wullbrandt, Sexton.  Oral Lesion Prevalence in HIV-Infected Romanian Children.  Pediatr Dent 2003;25:479-484. ( 0/2003 )
  • J-W. Chen, MH. Hobdell, K. Dunn, KA. Johnson, J. Zhang.  Teledentistry and Its Use in Dental Education.  JADA 2003;134(3):342-6. ( 0/2003 )
  • Michea J, Chen J-W, Xing Y, Johnson K, Flaitz CM: “Oral Pathology Report System: Improving and Existing Database System”. J Americ Med Info Assoc, Proceeding 2002. ( 0/2002 )
  Books and Chapters
  • Essence of Life; 2007 Chan (Chinese Zen) 2005 ( 1/2005 - 1/2009 )
  • Kim JB, Paravina R,Chen J-W. In-Vivo Evaluation of Color of Primary Teeth.  J Ped Dent.2007;29:383-6. ( 0/2007 )