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Khaled Bahjri, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Presentations    Research Presentations -- International
  • Methylprednisolone Infusion Effectively Decreses Plasma Interleuken-6. Explanation In Organ Donors After Brain Death. XXII International Congress of the Transplantation Society, 10-14 August 2008. Sydney Coocvention and Exhibition Center, Sydney Australia. ( 8/2008 )
  Research Presentations -- National
  • Trends in Tobacco-Dependence Curricula in U.S. Medical Schools Based on 1998 and 2008 Surveys. Feb 25-27, 2009. Baltimore, MD. ( 2/2009 )
  Research Presentations -- Regional
  • The Effect of Consuming Cooked Beans Before a Meal on Post-Meal Concentrations of Gastrointestinal Peptide Hormones. L. Griffith, S. Tonstad, N. Malik, M. Paalani, K. Bahjri and E.H. Haddad. Loma Linda Univ. April 21 – 25, 2012 San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA. ( 4/2012 )
  • Association Between Ferritin, Transferrin Receptor and Retinol Biomarkers Obtained from Dried Blood Spots and Anthropometric Measures in Kenyan Children. E.H. Haddad, M. Ndiku, V.H. Haddad, K. Bahjri and J. Sabaté. Loma Linda Univ. and Univ. of Eastern Kenya. April 21 – 25, 2012 San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA. ( 4/2012 )
  • Factors Influencing Infant Feeding Method During the Maternity Hospital Stay: How Intention, Maternal Characteristics, and Early Skin-to-Skin Mother/Infant Contact correlate" has been selected for Oral presentation During the 136th APHA Annual Meeting & Exposition (October 25-29, 2008) in San Diego, CA. ( 10/2008 )
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) Use in Determining the Worsening Childhood Asthma to Heavily Traveled Routes and Industries in Riverside and San Bernardino County.  American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC) 2006 in Los Angeles, California ( 0/2006 )
  • Listening to Hearts Without Stethoscopes: The Healthy Beginnings of Family Care Center’s Have Children and Their Families Covered. San Antonio Community Hospital, January 2004 in Sacramento, California. ( 1/2004 )
  Research Presentations -- Local/Campus
  • Comparison of VISX Wavescan Aberrometer with Nidex OPD-Scan. Loma Linda University Medical Center. Feb 2008 at the ASCRS Symposium and Congress on Cataract, IOL and Refractive Surgery; and the ASOA Congress on Ophthamc Practice Management and Clinical and Surgical Staff Program. ( 2/2008 - 2/2009 )
  • A Reterospective Case control Study of Anesthesia-Related Ocular Injuries. Loma Linda University November 2007, Loma Linda, California. ( 11/2007 )
  • History of Barrets Esophagus Under Antisecretory Therapy: More Normalization and Regression Than Progression. Loma Linda Veterans Affairs Medical Center November 2006 in Loma Linda, California. ( 11/2006 )
  • Esophageal Adenocarcinoma: Occurrence, Clinical Characteristics and Survival.  Loma Linda Veterans Affairs Medical Center 2006 in Loma Linda, California. ( 0/2006 )