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Karen Jaceldo-Siegl, DrPH
Associate Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Publications    Scholarly Journals--Submitted
  • Orlich M, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Sabaté J, Fan J, Singh PN, Fraser GE. Patterns of food consumption among vegetarians and nonvegetarians. British J Nutr.

    ( 6/2014 )
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Oda K, Sabaté J. Does regular soy consumption modify anthropometry in growing children? J Amer Coll Nutr.

    ( 5/2014 )
  • Martins M, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fan J, Singh P, Fraser GE. Short- and long-term reliability of adult recall of vegetarian dietary patterns in the Adventist Health Study-2 (AHS-2). J Nutr Sci.

    ( 3/2014 )
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Haddad E, Knutsen S, Fan J, Bellinger DL, Fraser GE. Associations between vegetarian dietary patterns and biomarkers of cancer risk. Cancer Epidemiol Biomarker Prev.

    ( 7/2013 )
  • Teo CC, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Sabaté J, Fraser G, Haddad EH. Nutrient intake adequacy from diets of vegans, lacto-ovo vegetarians and non-vegetarians using the Estimated Average Requirement. J Acad Nutr Dietetics.

    ( 2/2012 )
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Ang Y, Montgomery S, Lee J, Fraser GE, Sabaté J. Factors Associated with Soy Consumption among a Health-oriented Population. J Amer Dietetic Assoc.

    ( 9/2011 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Soret S, Mejia A, Batech M, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Harwatt H, Sabaté J. Climate change mitigation and health effects of varied dietary patterns in real-life settings throughout North America. Amer J Clin Nutr doi: 10.3945/ajcn.113.071589. First published ahead of print June 4, 2014.

    ( 6/2014 )
  • Alshaeri HK, Natto Z, Tonstad S, Haddad E, Jaceldo-Siegl K. Effect of Consuming Dried California Mission Figs on Minerals Status and Food Replacement. Public Health Nutr, 2014 (in press).

    ( 6/2014 )
  • West AA, Shih Y, Wang W, Oda K, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Sabaté J, Haddad E, Rajaram S, Caudill MA, Burns-Whitmore B. Egg n-3 fatty acid composition modulates biomarkers of choline metabolism in free-living lacto-ovo vegetarian women of reproductive age. J Acad Nutr Dietetics, 2014 (in press).

    ( 2/2014 )
  • Jacobsen BK, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Knutsen SF, Fan J, Oda K, Fraser GE. Soy isoflavone intake and the likelihood of ever becoming a mother. The Adventist Health Study-2. International Journal of Women’s Health, 6:377-384, 2014. http://dx.doi.org/10.2147/IJWH.S57137

    ( 2/2014 )
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Haddad E, Oda K, Fraser GE, Sabaté J. Tree nuts are inversely associated with metabolic syndrome and obesity:  The Adventist Health Study-2. PLoS ONE, 9(1):e851332013, 2014. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085133


    ( 1/2014 )
  • Orlich MJ, Singh P, Sabate J, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fan J, Knutsen K, Beeson WL, Fraser GE. Vegetarian dietary patterns and mortality in Adventist Health Study 2. JAMA Intern Med. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2013.6473. Epub2013 Jun 3.

    ( 6/2013 )
  • Rizzo NS, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Sabaté J, Fraser GE. Nutrient profiles of vegetarian and non vegetarian dietary patterns. J Acad Nutr Dietetics. 2013 (in press)

    ( 6/2013 )
  • Tantamango-Bartley Y, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fan J, Fraser G. Vegetarian diets and the incidence of cancer in a low-risk population. Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, 22(2):286-94, 2013. doi: 10.1158/1055-9965.EPI-12-1060. Epub 2012 Nov 20.

    ( 11/2012 )
  • Ford PA, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Lee JW, Youngberg W, Tonstad S. Intake of Mediterranean foods associated with positive affect and negative affect. J Psychosom Res, 74(2):142-8, 2013. doi: 10.1016/j.jpsychores.2012.11.002. Epub 2012 Nov 22.

    ( 11/2012 )
  • Sakamoto R, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Haddad E, Oda K, Fraser GE, Tonstad S. Relationship of vitamin D levels to blood pressure in a biethnic cohort. Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases, 2012 (in press)

    ( 5/2012 )
  • Perez L, Heim L, Sherzai A, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Sherzai A. Nutrition and vascular dementia. J Nutr Health Aging, 16(4):319-324, 2012.

    ( 4/2012 )
  • Pettersen BJ, Anousheh R, Fan J, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fraser GE. Vegetarian diets and blood pressure among white subjects: results from Adventist Health Study-2. Public Health Nutrition, 15(10):1909-1916, 2012. doi:10.1017/S1368980011003454

    ( 3/2012 )
  • Bes-Rastrollo M, Sabaté J, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fraser GE. Validation of self-reported anthropometrics in the Adventist Health Study 2. BMC Public Health, 11:213 doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-213, 2011. ( 0/2011 )
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Sabaté J, Batech M, Fraser GE. Influence of body mass index and serum lipids on the cholesterol-lowering effects of almonds in free-living individuals. Nutrition, Metabolism & Cardiovascular Diseases, doi:10.1016/j.numecd.2011.03.007, 2011. ( 0/2011 )
  • Rizzo NS, Sabaté J, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fraser GE. Vegetarian dietary patterns are associated with a lower risk of Metabolic Syndrome. The Adventist Health Study 2. Diabetes Care, 34:1225–1227, 2011.

    ( 0/2011 )
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fan J, Sabaté J, Knutsen SF, Haddad E, Beeson LW, Herring RP, Butler TL, Bennett H, Fraser GE. Race-specific validation of food intake obtained from a comprehensive food frequency questionnaire: Adventist Health Study-2. Public Health Nutrition, doi:10.1017/S1368980011000735, 2011. ( 0/2011 )
  • Burns-Whitmore BL, Haddad EH, Sabaté J, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Tanzman J, Rajaram S. Effect of n-3 fatty acid enriched eggs and organic eggs on serum lutein in free-living lacto-ovo vegetarians. Eur J Clin Nutr, doi:10.1038/ejcn.2010.140. ( 0/2010 )
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  • Ndiku MH, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Singh P, Sabaté J. Gender inequality in food intake and nutritional status of children under five years old in rural eastern Kenya. Eur J Clin Nutr, doi:10.1038/ejcn.2010.197, 2010.

    ( 0/2010 )
  • Ndiku MH, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Sabaté J. Dietary patterns of infant and preschool children in Mwingi and Makueni districts of Ukambani region, Eastern Kenya. African J of Food, Agriculture, Nutr and Development, 10(7):2804-2817, 2010. ( 0/2010 )
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  • Fraser GE, Yan R, Butler TL, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Beeson LW, Chan J. Missing data in a long food frequency questionnaire. Are imputed zeroes correct? Epidemiology, 20:289-94, 2009.

    ( 0/2009 ) Link...
  • Chan J, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fraser GE. Serum 25 hydroxyvitamin D status of vegetarians, partial vegetarians and non-vegetarians: The Adventist Health Study-2. Am J Clin Nutr, 89(suppl):1686S-92S, 2009. ( 0/2009 ) Link...
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fraser G, Chan J, Franke AA, Sabaté J.Validation of soy protein estimates from food frequency questionnaire with repeated 24-hour recalls and isoflavonoid excretion in overnight urine in a western population with a wide range of soy intake. Amer J Clin Nutr, 87:1422-7, 2008 ( 0/2008 )
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    ( 0/2006 )
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Sabaté J, Rajaram S, Fraser G. "Long-term almond supplementation without dietary advice on food replacement induces favourable nutrient modifications to the habitual diets of free-living healthy individuals." British Journal of Nutrition 92.3 (2004): 533-540.

    ( 0/2004 ) Link...
  • Jones, PS., Zhang, XE., Jaceldo, KB., & Meleis, AI. "Caregiving between two cultures: An integrative experience." Journal of Transcultural Nursing 13.3 (2002): 202-209.

    ( 0/2002 ) Link...
  • Fraser G, Bennett H, Jaceldo K, Sabaté J. "Effect on body weight of a free 320 calorie daily supplement of almonds for 6 months." Journal of the American College of Nutrition 21.4 (2002): 275-283.

    ( 0/2002 ) Link...
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    ( 0/2001 ) Link...
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    ( 0/2001 ) Link...
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    ( 0/1995 )
  • Haddad E, Liu L, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Batech M, Fraser GE. Vitamin B-12 status of vegans, lacto-ovo vegetarians and non-vegetarians assessed by serum holotranscobalamin: results from the Adventist Health Study-2 Calibration study. Nutrients.

    ( 4/2014 )
  • Martins M, Jaceldo-Siegl K, Fan J, Singh P, Fraser GE. Short- and long-term reliability of adult recall of vegetarian dietary patterns in the Adventist Health Study-2 (AHS-2). J Nutr Sci.

    ( 3/2014 )