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Keiko Khoo, PhD
Presentations    General Academic Presentation
  • Khoo, K.; Shaughnessy, P.; Douglas, T.; Mainess, K.  Critical Survival Skills in International Collaboration: Lessons Learned from a Japanese Program. Council of Academic Programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders Annual Conference, 2012 ( 4/2012 )
  • Shaughnessy, P., Mainess, K., & Khoo, K.  University-community college collaboration to build a speech- language pathology assistant program.  Annual Convention of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Atlanta, GA.

    ( 11/2002 )
  • Shaughnessy, P., Khoo, K. & Mainess, K.   Developing Curriculum for Speech –

    Language Pathology Assistants.Allied Health Work Force Meeting, San Diego, CA          

    ( 3/2002 )
  Research Presentations -- International
  • Khoo, K., Koide, Y., Tsubai, Y.  Japanese Undergraduates’ Reticence toward Dialectic Pedagogy: Reasons and Remedies. Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan

    ( 10/2013 )
  • Khoo,K. and Asai, U. Vestibular Rehabilitation: Balance and Vertigo.  The 44th Annual Seminar of Japan Physical Therapy Association, Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan  ( 10/2009 )
  • Khoo, K. Japanese Undergraduates'' Reactions to American ITV Classes.  The Asian Conference on Education, Osaka, Japan ( 10/2009 )
  • Khoo, K.  Nonverbal Interpretation of Interviews with Asian students,  Reading into the Face of Asia at Hawaii International Conference on Education                                          2007 ( 8/2008 )
  Poster Presentation
  • Tsushima, A., Takahashi, T., Ochi, A. and Khoo, K. (2012, March).Improvement of Gait

    Functions by Bicycle Ergometer Exercise with Varying Pedal Cadence in Frail Older Adults.  First World Congress on Healthy Ageing, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    ( 3/2012 )
  • Khoo, K. How Do Japanese Undergraduates React to Immediate Style of American Instruction?  Hawaii International Conference on Education, 2012 ( 1/2012 )
  • Khoo, K. and Rosendale, B.  Tactile responses in bone conduction testing of

    deaf individuals. Annual Convention of AmericanSpeech-Language-Hearing Association, San Francisco, CA.

    ( 11/1999 )
  • Khoo, K. & Maki, J.   Student perspectives on communication at a state

    school for the deaf. Annual Convention of American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, San Antonio, TX.

    ( 11/1998 )
  • Khoo, K. and Allington, T. Three modes of learning in an undergraduate

                hearing science course. Annual Convention of American Speech-Language-Hearing

                Association, Anaheim, CA.

    ( 11/1993 )