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Kathi Wild, MS
Assistant Professor, Nursing - Graduate
School of Nursing
Professional Development    Seminars and Conferences
  • Emerging Tools for Innovative Providers 2014: Interdisciplinary Spiritiual Care Applications with Immediate Impact ( 7/2014 - 8/2014 )
    This conference provided presentations on Interdisciplinary Aspects of spiritual care, interventions that provide immediate impact regarding the stress response, latest research on spiritiual care and a practicum on implementing immediate impact spiritual care interventions.
  • The Interprofessional Education Collaborative, Fall 2012 IPEC Institute in Chicago, ILL

    ( 10/2013 )

     This conference presented the following lectures: Interprofessional Education (IPE) Program evaluation, Creating High Reliability to Decrease Patient Harm, Assessment of IPE, IPE Faculty Development, Attitudes Towards IPE and a Review of Cognitive Learning- as a guide to develop the most effective IPE programs.  Also, faculty from selected universities presented on the development of IPE programs at their institutions. The conference also allotted time for the attending University teams to develop IPE plans to take back to their Universities. 

  • Emerging Tools for Innovative Providers: Interdisciplinary Applications from Spirituality & Health Research, July, 2013 Full Theological Seminary, Graduate School of Psychology- Pasadena, CA

    ( 7/2013 )

    This conference discussed applications and strategies that have developed to apply spirituality and health research in practice, reviewed the role of assessment tools for integrating spiritual care into clinical practice.  There were presentations on Psychoneuroimmunology by George Slavich, PhD, the Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) Study by Vincent Felitti, MD, Differing Cultural Influences of Spirituality and Religion on Health and Mental Health by Michael King, MD, Bereavement and Grief Support by Alice Zulli, FT, BCPC, Sally Shaw, Dr.PH, and Spiritual Needs and Expectations of Hospitalized Patients, Doug Nies, Phd, Bruce Nelson.

  • The Interprofessional Education Collaborative, Fall 2012 IPEC Institute, Atlanta, GA

    ( 10/2012 )

    The conference consisted of presentations regarding Interprofessional Education (IPE), the need for developing interprofessional learning opportunities on university campuses, reviewed IPEC's Core Competencies for IPE, IPE Team development principles and heard presentations on how various universities have developed and funded IPE programs.

    Worked with a team from Loma Linda University to review current interprofessional learning opportunities at Loma Linda University and developed ideas to promote IPE at Loma Linda University which were presented to Loma Linda University's IPE Committee.