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L. Parnell Taylor
Patient Care    Patient Care
  • General Dentist - Sole proprietor of a general dental practice with emphasis in TMD treatment, adult restorative care and "Buchanan style" endodontics. Proficient in third molar surgeries, endodontic surgeries and some perio surgeries, I preferred to refer these in the past few years to focus on my passion of Bioesthetic rejuvenations, occlusion and TMD. ( 9/1980 - 6/2006 )
  • 1997- One of two public spokespersons in Fremont County to speak out against and debate a potential public referendum to put denturism on the state ballot.  The organizer I debated, who was from Montana was overheard to have remarked that his debate with me, “… was a disaster.”  I must add that my activity was only a small part of a combined state-wide effort of a core group of a dozen dentists across the state. ( 7/1997 )
  • While a member of the Wyoming Board, I proposed and ultimately got codified into the rules and regulations of the Dental Practice Act three important rules: 1. Provision into existing rule for testing of hygienists to place composites and amalgams into already prepared teeth.  2. Adding a new rule providing for hygienists to administer local anesthesia.  3.  Defining sexual harassment and inappropriate sexual conduct by a dentist in his/her practice as it pertains to licensure ( 3/1987 - 12/1991 )