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L. Parnell Taylor
Honors and Awards    University Awards and Honors
  • Selma B. Anderson Oral Biology Award, 1980 ( 5/1980 )
    This was based on my over all committment to basic science and clinical dentistry.  
  • Academy of General Dentistry Award, 1980 ( 5/1980 )
    For clinical excellence
  • American Gold Foil Operators Award, 1980 ( 5/1980 )
    I did the most gold foils in my class.
  • Block Drug Essay Contest Winner, 1980 ( 5/1980 )
    I wrote an essay about my philosophy of care and won the contest and $500.
  • Graduated with 3.65 GPA, with distinction, 9th of 64, in1980 ( 5/1980 )
  • Senior General Practice Award, 1980 ( 5/1980 )
    This was the first year Nebraska started the group practice model.  I was one of ten to receive and award for my productivity.
  • 15th Annual Proctor and Gamble Dental Students Research Conference, Harvard University, 1979   ( 3/1979 )
    Because of my interest in research and I was the only one in my class to do a bona fide research project, I was slected to represent Nebraska at this conference for five days in the Spring of my Junior year.
  Professional Awards and Honors
  • Omicron Kappa Upsilon- inducted as a faculty member May,2010

    ( 5/2010 )
  Community Awards and Honors
  • I might add that I became the 69th person to stand on the top of the highest point in each state, including Mt McKinley (Denali). That also made me the first dentist and Wyomingite.  I was also the 2nd to do the Wyoming county highpoints. ( 5/1993 - 8/1999 )
  • Mosby Book Award, 1980 ( 5/1980 )
    Based on accademic performance