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Lori Uber-Zak, DO
Patient Care    Patient Care
  • Epileptologist - I see epilepsy patients 3 days a week in clinic and I do wards approx twice a year I see patients all year round in the hospital with difficult epilepsy problems, assist with surgical evalution and management of pts needing epilepsy surgery or grid mapping. (*)
  • inpt ward service on neurology - inpt care on the neurology service one week blocks several weeks per year ( 1/2001 - 1/2005 )
  • EEG laboratory and EEG monitoring - 7 day a week EEG VEEG EP services as well as surgical services; also inpt care of the VEEG monitoring patients in conjunction with the ward team ( 1/2001 - 1/2005 )
  • Comprehensive Epilepsy clinic - at least 3 mornings a week ( 1/2001 - 1/2005 )