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Mark Clements, MA
Assistant Professor, Radiation Technology
School of Allied Health Professions
Service    Society Memberships (professional)
  • RTEC (Radiologic Technologist Educators of California)   Elected as Executive Director in 2006 at annual board meeting. ( 11/2006 - 9/2009 )
    Office Holder - Other
  • ASRT (American Society of Radiologic Technologists) ( 1/1977 - 9/2009 )
    Regular Member
  Committee Membership (LLU)
  • Member of the Medical Radiography Advisory Committee - - Chaired and served as a member of the A.S. degree in Medical Radiography Advisory Comm. chair and conducted meetings in association with our A.S. Medical Radiography Clinical Coordinators Committee. ( 9/2008 - 9/2009 )
  • Member Medical Radiography Clinical Coordinators Committee - Member and attended meetings of the A.S. Medical Radiography program''s Clinical Coordinators Committee. ( 9/2008 - 9/2009 )
  • Assoc. Chair, Dept. of Radiation Technology - Serve as Assoc. Chair of the Dept. of Radiation Technology, representing the Dept. Chair when she is gone or has other activities scheduled and needs representation at meetings or other Univ. activities in which she needs to be represented. Gives input to the Dept. Chair about Departmental and Programmatic affairs, startegic planning, student needs, etc ( 9/2008 - 9/2009 )
  • Member Medical Radiography Applicant Selection Committee - Coordinate the A.S. Medical Radiography program''s Applicant Selection Committee, helping to set student applicant interview dates, conduct interviews and meet with other committee members to make recommendations to the SAHP Admissions Committee ( 1/2009 - 5/2009 )
  • SAHP Research Committee - Serve as Radiation Technology representative on this SAHP Committee. ( 6/2006 - 6/2007 )
  • Member SAHP Administrative Council - Attended all SAHP Administrative Council meetings while serving as Acting Dept. Chair during this time frame. ( 8/2005 - 1/2006 )
  • Acting Chair, Dept. of Radiation Technology - Served as acting Chair for the Dept. of Radiation Technology while the job opening was announced and a search committee met to consider applicants for this position. Handled all administrative functions and duties for the Dept. during this time frame. ( 8/2005 - 1/2006 )
  • SAHP Administrative Council - Served on the SAHP Administrative council while acting Chair for the Dept. of Radiation Technology during this time frame. ( 8/2005 - Present )
  Accreditation Visits
  • Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology volunteer peer site visitor for radiologic technology program participating in over 30 site visits as a site visitor or chair of the site visit team ( 9/1979 - 9/2005 )