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Mark Carr, PhD
Associate Scholar, Center for Christian Bioethics, Associate Scholar Center for Christian Bioethics
School of Religion
Professor, Religion - Ethical Studies
School of Religion
Member, Religion, SR, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Presentations    General Academic Presentation
  • "On Lovangelism: How does Love make evangelism work" Dakota Conference Campmeeting, June, 2011. ( 6/2011 )
  • "The Faith-Science Continuum in Clinical Encounters," presented at the Oct., 2008 meeting of the American Society for Bioethics and Society ( 10/2008 - Present )
  • "Ethical Issues in Plastic Surgery" for Plastic Surgery Grand Rounds, May, 2008 ( 5/2008 - Present )
  Research Presentations -- National
  • Mark F. Carr. "Palliative Care: Euphemism for Euthanasia?." SCHARM (Southern California Association of Healthcare Risk Managers. Palm Desert ( 4/2006 ) Link...
  • Mark Carr, Gino Gianola, Connie Perry, Anne Oneil, and Fred Paola. "Evolution of Ethics Education in a Young Profession: Physician Assistant." American Society for Bioethics and the Humanities. Washington, D.C. ( 10/2005 )
  Presentations given to non-academic audiences
  • Mark F. Carr. "Can't We All Just Get Along?." Dakota Conference Campmeeting. Dakota Conference Academy ( 6/2006 ) Link...
  • Mark F. Carr. "Commencement speech." Mesa Grande Academy. gym ( 6/2006 ) Link...
  • Mark F. Carr. "On SDA-Muslim Relations." Association of Adventist Forums yearly retreat. Pine Springs Ranch ( 5/2006 ) Link...
  • Mark Carr. "Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Mad Science or Compassionate Care? ." Carmichael Friday lecture series . Carmichael SDA church ( 5/2005 )
  • Mark Carr. "The life and death of Terry Schiavo: Is there a Godly way to die?." Vespers. Hillside O'Malley SDA church, Anchorage, AK ( 5/2005 )
  • Mark Carr. "The Character of the Saints." Week of Prayer. St. Helena hospital, Angwin, CA ( 10/2004 )
  • Mark Carr. "End-of-life Care: Making Decisions, Minimizing Risks." Southern California Physicians Insurance Exchange Companies; yearly conference. Los Angeles ( 9/2004 )
  • “Que dit l''Eglise dire sur la façon d''aider les gens qui meurent?” (“What does the Church say about Care for the Dying?”) Afternoon Seminar for the Periguex, France Seventh-day Adventist Church, Jan. 30, 2010. ( 1/2010 - Present )
  • "Engaging the Other-Do We Really Want a More Inclusive Faith?" Association of Adventist Forums Talk, Glendale, CA Chapter, Sept., 2008. ( 9/2008 - Present )
  • Spiritual Retreat for Adventist Health in Sun River, OR in May, 2008 ( 5/2008 - Present )