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Mia Nepomuceno-Perez, MD
Associate Professor, Pathology and Human Anatomy
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Otolaryngology & Hed/Neck Surg
School of Medicine
Presentations    Research Presentations -- National
  • Perez M.D., Mia. "A Practical "Step and Total" Approach to the Diagnosis of Encaplsulated Follicular Lesions of the Thyroid Gland." 16th Annual Pathology Reunion and Swatek Lectureship. Loma Linda, CA ( 3/2006 )
  Poster Presentation
  • Proposal for a quick and simplified approach to proteomics-based Tumor Biomarker analysis.  Rachel Conrad; Lawrence Sandberg; Cliff Herrmann; Mia Perez; Steve Lee; Ravi Raghavan. Poster Presentation HUPO 11th Annual World Congress, September 9-13, 2012 , Boston, MA, USA                                                    ( 9/2012 )
  • Early diagnostic value of Survivin and its alternative splice variants in breast cancers. 1Salma Khan, 2Yuan Yuan, 1Malyn MA Valenzuela, 1Heather Ferguson, 3Siu-Fun Wong, 4Mia Perez, 2Saied Mirshahidi, and 1Nathan R. Wall. 1Department of Biochemistry, 2Department of Hematology-Oncology, 3School of Pharmacy, 4Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Loma Linda University. Poster Presentation ASCO Breast Cancer Symposium 2012, September 13-15, San Francisco , CA ( 9/2012 )
  • Bautista-Quach M, Iverson M., Baron P, Perez M. Cirrhotic Cardiomyopathy: An Underrecognized Cause of Mortality in Post Liver Transplant Patients. Accepted at College of American Pathologists 2011 Meeting September 11-14, Grapevine Texas ( 9/2011 )