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Maheswari Senthil, MD
Head, Surgery, Surgical Oncology Division
School of Medicine
Associate Professor, Surgery
School of Medicine
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • J Gao, Y Wang, Q Xing, J Yan, M Senthil, Y Akmal, CM Kowolik, J Kang, DM Lu, M Zhao, Z Lin, CH Cheng, RM Yip, JH Yim. Identification of natural compound by cell-based screening that enhances interferon regulatory factor-1 activity and causes tumor suppression. Mol cancer Ther 2011; Aug 4. EPUB ( 8/2011 - 9/2011 )
  •  M Condon, M Senthil , DZ Xu, L Mason, SU Sheth , Z Spolarics, E Feketova, GW Machiedo, EA Deitch. Intravenous injection of mesenteric lymph produced durimg hemorrhagic shock decreases RBC deformability in the rat. J Trauma 2011;70:489-95 ( 2/2011 - 9/2011 )
  • R Buettner, R Corzano, R Rashid, J Lin, M Senthil, M Hedvat, A Schroeder, A Mao, A Herrmann, J Yim, H Lin, YC Yuan, YC Yuan, K Yakushijin, F Yakushijin, N Vaidehi R Moore, G Gugiu, TD Lee, R Yip, Y Chen,  R Jove, DA Horne,  JC Williams. Allkylation of cysteine 468 in Stat3 defines a novel site for therapeutic development. ACS Chem Biol 2011;6:432-43 ( 1/2011 )
  • A Holt, DW Wagman, M Senthil, S Mckenzie, H Marx, YJ Chen, N Vora, M.D., J Kim. Transarterial Radioembolization with Yttrium-90 for Regional Management of Hepatocellular Cancer: The Early Results of a Non-Transplant Center. Am Surg 2010; 76(10); 1079-83 ( 10/2010 )
  • M Senthil, V Trisal, IB Paz, LL Lai. Hospital type predicts for the adequacy of lymph node retrieval in colon cancer. Arch  Surg 2010; 145 :840-3. ( 9/2010 )
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  • J Gao, M Senthil, B Ren, J Yan, Q Xing, J Yu, L Zhang, JH Yim. IRF-1 transcriptionally upregulates PUMA, which mediates the mitochondrial apoptotic pathway in IRF-1 induced apoptosis in cancer cells. Cell Death Differ 2010;17(4):699-709 ( 4/2010 )
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  • C Badami, M Senthil, FJ Caputo, BJ Rupani, Doucet D, Pisarenko V, Xu DZ, EA Deitch. Mesenteric Lymph duct ligation improves survival in lethal shock model. Shock 2008; 30(6):680-5. ( 6/2008 )
  • EA Deitch, M Senthil, M Brown, F Caputo, A Watkins, D Anjaria, C Badami, V Pisarenko, D Doucet, Q Lu, E Feketeova, DZ Xu. Trauma- Shock-induced gut injury and the production of biologically active intestinal lymph is abrogated by castration in a large animal model. Shock 2008; 30(2): 135-41. ( 2/2008 )
  • M Senthil, M.D., A Watkins, M.D., D Barlos, M.D., DZ Xu M.D., PhD, Q Lu M.D., B Abungu B.Sc., R Feinman PhD, EA. Deitch, M.D. Intravenous injection of Trauma- hemorrhagic shock mesenteric lymph causes lung injury that is dependent upon activation of the inducible nitric oxide synthase pathway. Ann Surg2007; 246(5):822-30. ( 5/2007 )
  • FJ Caputo, B Rupani, AC Watkins, DBarlos, D Vega, M Senthil, EA. Deitch. Trauma hemorrhage-induced gut barrier failure and the production of biologically active intestinal lymph requires pancreatic proteases. Shock 2007; 28(4): 441-6 ( 4/2007 )
  • M Senthil, M.D., M Brown M.S.N., DZ Xu, M.D.,PhD., Q Lu, M.D., E Feketeova M.D., EA. Deitch, M.D. Gut- Lymph Hypothesis of SIRS/MODS: Validating studies in a Porcine Model. J Trauma 2006; 60(5): 958-65. ( 5/2006 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  •  VL Kaiser, Z Sifri, M Senthil, G S Dikdan, Q Lu, DZ Xu, EA. Deitch. Albumin peptide: a molecular marker for trauma / hemorrhagic-shock in rat mesenteric lymph. Peptides 2005; 26(12): 2491-2499 ( 12/2005 )
  Books and Chapters
  • M Senthil, BJ Rupani , JH Jabush, EA Deitch. Principles And Practice Of Nutritional Support In Surgical Patients. Acute Care Surgery. Eds. Britt LD, Trunkey DD, Organ CH, Feliciano DV, 2007, Springer Verlag ( 0/2007 )