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Nicceta Davis, PhD
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy
School of Allied Health Professions
Professional Development    Seminars and Conferences
  • Dr. Davis serves on the Educational Effectiveness Research Themes Sub-committee. As a part of her role as a member of the sub-committee she facilitated several LLU faculty focus groups that discussed Loma Linda''s normative culture and issues related to the use of the term "Bible-based Faith" as a descriptor of Loma Linda. These activities were conducted in preparation for WASC Accreditation visit in 2010. ( 2/2007 - 6/2008 )
  • In January, 2007, the Office of Diversity initiated a Leadership Excellence through Administrative Diversity (L.E.A.D.) leadership program for the Loma Linda University. The intent of the program is to expose faculty, particularly faculty of color, to a variety of leadership and administrative experiences. Dr. Davis was one of the first two LLU faculty to participate in the program. ( 1/2007 - 1/2008 )
  • Dr. Davis completed Instructional Evaluation Design: Educational Evaluation and Clinical Assessment. It was a practical introduction the the principles and techniques of designing evaluation activities and tests for measureing classroom learning and instructional products. (*)