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Nancy Kawahara, PharmD, MSEd
Associate Dean, Assessment and Prof Affairs, School of Pharmacy
School of Pharmacy
Associate Professor, Pharmacy Practice
School of Pharmacy
Presentations    Poster Presentation
  • Kawahara, N.E., Johnson, C., and Gogineni, H.  "Curriculum Mapping: A Layered Approach to Understanding the Curriculum."  AACP Annual Meeting, Seattle, Washington.

    ( 7/2010 )
  • Gryka, R.J. , Kawahara, N.E., and Knecht, K.T. "The Role of Specific Written Feedback and Rewriting in the Learning Process." AACP Annual Meeting. Boston Massacheusettes ( 7/2009 )
  • Gogineni, H., Mendoza, L. Dominguez, C., Kawahara, N.E., and Taheri, R.  "Interface of Introductory Pharmacy Practice: A Model for Preparing Students for the Advanced Pharmacy Practice and Beyond." AACP Annual Meeting. Boston Massacheusettes ( 7/2009 )
  • Dominguez, C., Gogineni, H., Mendoza, L., Kawahara, N.E., and Taheri, R.  "Lessons Learned from Implementation of an Institutional IIPE within an Academic Medical Center." AACP Annual Meeting. Boston Massacheusettes ( 7/2009 )
  • Gryka, RJ and Kawahara, NE. "Use of drug cards in assessment of student learning." American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois

    ( 7/2007 )
  • Gamal Hussein and Nancy Kawahara. "Adaptive and Longitudinal Teaching of Pharmaceutical Care: Utilization of Virtual Patients and an Interactive Voice Response/Text to Speech (IVR/TTS) System." AACP Annual Meeting. Cincinati, Ohio

    ( 7/2005 )
  • Kawahara, N.E., Gryka, R.J., Bleidt, B.A., Ericson, A.J., Currie, B.L.. "Coordination of Medicinal Chemistry with an Integrated Pharmacology and Therapeutics Course." AACP Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, Utah ( 7/2004 )
  • Hanson, S.H. and Kawahara, N.E.. "Implementation of an Early Practice Experience in Conjunction with an OTC & Herbal Remedies Course for First Year Pharmacy Students." AACP Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, Utah ( 7/2004 )
  • Bledit, B.A., Kawahara, N.E., Hanson, S.H., Gryka, R.J., et al. "Professionalism: Mind, Body, and Spirit." AACP Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, Utah ( 7/2004 )
  • Currie, B.L., Kawahara, N.E., Gryka, R.J., et al.. "Parallel and Coordinated Teaching of Medicinal Chemistry and Integrated Pharmacology/Therapeutics and A Multi-disciplinary Case-based Workshop Sequence Over Two Professional Years." Fourth Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy. Seoul, Korea ( 7/2004 )