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Philip Chan, PhD
Professor, Gynecology & Obstetrics
School of Medicine
Professor, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Patient Care    Patient Care
  • Andrology and Information System - As the Andrology lab Director, I supervise and process patients semen specimens and conduct analyses, sperm washes for artificial inseminations and aspirations from the epididymis and testis for the IVF lab. The latter portion is done in collaboration with Dr. Stewart of Urology. I also provide information to patients regarding sperm physiology and pathology, consulting with physicians Drs. Patton and Jacobson, on diagnosis and course of treatment. Furthermore, as the Lab Information Systems Manager, I write programs for the different laboratory database modules, troubleshoot, maintain, update, provide security firewalls and remote backups of all IVF patient care databases, as well as write and update the Center website with new patient information in collaboration with the webmaster. ( 4/1989 - Present )