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Peter Gleason, PhD
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Publications    Scholarly Journals--Published
  • McKinney, O., Modeste, N., Lee, J., & Gleason, P. (2015). Predicting Malawian women’s intention to adhere to antiretroviral therapy. Journal Of Public Health Research, 4(2). ( 7/2015 )
  • Gleason, P.C., Hopkins, G.L., Eagan, M., VanderWaal, C.J., Duffy, J., & McBride, D.C. (2014).  Extracurricular screen time among Idaho youth: Prevalence and association with psychological distress.  Submitted to the Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science.

    ( 6/2015 )
  • Hopkins, G.L., McBride, D.C., Featherston, B., Gleason, P. & Moreno, J.  (May, 2014).  Benefits to adolescents who perform community service:  A perspective from adolescent health researchers.  Montana Lawyer (Journal of the Montana State Bar).  39(7), 8-11. This is the Feature Story for this journal.

    ( 5/2014 )
  • Hopkins, G.L., McBride, D.C., Featherston, B., Gleason, P. & Moreno, J. The Benefits to Adolescents who Perform Community Service:  A Perspective from Adolescent Health Researchers for Idaho Lawyers.  Accepted by The Advocate (Journal of the Idaho Supreme Court for Idaho Lawyers) ( 2/2014 )
  • Hopkins, G.L., McBride, D.C., Fayard, C., Gleason, P.C., Kannenberg, W., Moreno, J., Roberts, J. The power of serving others in preventing risk behaviors among adolescents. Review of Religious Research. 12/2013 ( 12/2013 )
  • Spencer-Hwang R, Montgomery S, Dougherty M, Gleason, P, and Valladares J. 

    Residential Perspective of Life Near a Railyard: A Qualitative Study Exploring the Perspective of People Living Near a Major Railyard in San Bernardino, California.  Journal of Environmental Health.   Accepted on 10/31/13

    ( 10/2013 )