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Ricardo Escobar, MS
Assistant Professor, Earth and Biological Sciences
School of Medicine
Personal    Personal Interests
  • Anyone who really knows me knows that I am a sports fanatic. What I mean by that is that I like to play every sport or hand eye coordination skill like horseshoes. I grew up playing soccer, but currently I am enjoying playing Volleyball, Walleyball, and Tennis. Aside from sports I love playing all types of Board games on Saturday night with friend and family. My favorites include Gestures, pictionary, and mad gab. Of course the oldies like uno, monopoly, sorry, and connect four are always fun too. ( 7/2008 - 6/2009 )
  Personal Accomplishments
  • My biggest blessings are my two children and wife. Jordan is 2 1/2 now and Alyssa is only 6 weeks old. It has been challenging at times adjusting to the new responsibilities but I enjoy beeing a father and having a family.  ( 9/2011 )
  Languages Spoken
  • Spanish ( 7/2008 - 6/2009 )
    Although I was born in the U.S. my parents moved to Central America when I was 7 years old to become missionaries. I attended School from second grade all the way through high school. So I consider myself a fluent Spanish speaker. It is also the language of my culture.
  Creative Activities
  • Currently I enjoy fixing things, remodeling my house or friends houses, and fixing cars. If it can be taken apart without damaging important computerized hardware I will take it apart. ( 7/2008 - 6/2009 )