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Rosario Floridia, MD
Assistant Professor, Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surg
School of Medicine
Presentations    General Academic Presentation
  • Management of Acute Aortic Dissections. San Antonio Community Hospital. Upland, CA ( 3/2010 )
  Research Presentations -- Local/Campus
  • R. Floridia. Aortic Dissection Surgical Approach. Presented at the 21st Annual Cardiology Symposium, Loma Linda, CA, March 4 – 5, 2009. ( 3/2009 )
  • Heart Healthy Lecture Series: “Life After Cardiac Surgery” Loma Linda Medical Center, February 2004 ( 2/2004 )
  •  Surgery Grand Rounds: “ New Treatment Options in Pancreatic Cancer,” Creighton University, Dept. of Surgery, February 2003 ( 2/2003 )
  • Surgery Grand Rounds: “Why Do Some Arteries Develop Atherosclerosis?” Creighton University, School of Medicine, Dept. of Surgery, December 2002 ( 12/2002 )
  • Surgery Grand Rounds: “Angiogensis: Bench to Bedside” Creighton University, School of Medicine, Dept of Surgery, Feburary 2001 ( 2/2001 )
  • Master’s Degree Presentation: “ Regulation of the basolateral membrane by mineralocorticoids in renal epithelial cells,” Creighton University, School of Medicine, Dept. of Biomedical Sciences, May 1993 ( 5/1993 )
  Poster Presentation
  • Rosario Floridia, Nan Wang, Alfredo Rasi, Anees Razzouk and Leonard Bailey,” OUTCOME OF REPAIR FOR TYPE A ACUTE AORTIC DISSECTION: A COMPARISON OF TWO ERAS IN A SINGLE INSTITUTION, Pacific Coast Surgical Association, 77th Scientific Meeting San Francisco, February 2006 ( 2/2006 )
  • R. Floridia and JT Sugimoto, “Estrogen- and leptin- stimulated endothelial cell migration is inhibited with nicotine exposure,” Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology, June 2001:33 (6) A36. and Presented at the International Society for Heart Research, XVII World Congress in Winnepeg, Canada July 7, 2001 ( 7/2001 )
  • R. Floridia and W. Jeffries, "Aldosterone-induced increases in the cAMP response to vasopressin may be mediated through stimulatory G-proteins." Presented at the Midwest Student Medical Research Forum in Omaha, NE., February 1993 ( 2/1993 )
  • R. Floridia and W. Jeffries, "Aldosterone-induced augmentation of vasopressin- induced cAMP response in A6 cells." FASEB J, #830, vol. 7, #3,1993 ( 0/1993 )