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Ryan Sinclair, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Sinclair, R. Wastewater Irrigation and Health: Assessing and Mitigating Risk in Low- Income Countries. International Journal of Water Resources Development, 2010. 26: 4, 704-709


    ( 12/2010 - 1/2011 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Pepper, I.; Brooks, J.; Sinclair, R.; Gurian, P.; and Gerba, C. Pathogens and indicators in United States class B Biosolids: National and Historic Distributions. Journal of Environmental Quality. 2010. 39(6): 2185-2190.


    ( 10/2011 )
  • Sinclair, R.; Gerba, C. Microbial contamination in kitchens and bathrooms of rural Cambodian village households. Letters in Applied Microbiology, 2011, 52(2): 144-149.


    ( 10/2011 )
  • Williams, D; Gerba, P; Maxwell, S,;Sinclair, R. Assessment of the Potential for Cross-contamination of Food Products by Reusable Shopping Bags. Food protection trends, 2011, 31(8): 508-513.


    ( 8/2011 ) Link...

    The purpose of this study was to assess the potential for cross-contamination of food products by reusable bags used to carry groceries. Reusable bags were collected at random from consumers as they entered grocery stores in California and Arizona. In interviews, it was found that reusable bags are seldom if ever washed and often used for multiple purposes. Large numbers of bacteria were found in almost all bags and coliform bacteria in half. Escherichia coli were identified in 8% of the bags, as well as a wide range of enteric bacteria, including several opportunistic pathogens. When meat juices were added to bags and stored in the trunks of cars for two hours, the number of bacteria increased 10-fold, indicating the potential for bacterial growth in the bags. Hand or machine washing was found to reduce the bacteria in bags by > 99.9%. These results indicate that reusable bags, if not properly washed on a regular basis, can play a role in the cross-contamination of foods. It is recommended that the public be educated about the proper care of reusable bags by means of printed instructions on the bags or through public service announcements.

  • Miles, S.; Sinclair, R.; Riley, M.; and Pepper, I. Evaluation of Select Sensors for Real-Time Monitoring of Escherichia coli in Water Distribution Systems. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 2011. 77(8):2813-2816.


    ( 5/2011 )
  •  Sinclair, R.; Jones, E.; Gerba, C. Viruses in recreational waterborne disease outbreaks: A review. Journal of Applied Microbiology. 2009. 107(6): 1769-1780. ( 3/2009 - 11/2009 )
  • Yoon, J.; Han, J.; Choi C.; Bui M.; Sinclair R. Real-time detection of Escherichia coli in water pipe using a microfluidic device with one-step latex immunoagglutination assay.  Transactions of the ASABE. 2009, 52(3):1031-1039.

    ( 1/2009 )
  •  Sinclair, R.; Boone, S. A.; Greenberg, D.; Keim, P.; Gerba, C. P., Persistence of Category A Select Agents in the Environment.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology 2008, 74:555-563. ( 11/2008 )
  •  Sinclair, R.; Choi, C.; Riley, M.; Gerba, C.  Pathogen surveillance through monitoring of sewer systems.  Advances in Applied Microbiology. 2008, 65:249-269. ( 6/2008 )
  •  Yel, D.; Hallen, G. K.; Sinclair, R. G.; Mom, K.; Srey, C. T., Biochemical validation of self reported quit rates among Buddhist monks in Cambodia. Tobacco Control 2005, 14:359-359. ( 6/2005 )
  •  Jeng, H. C.; Sinclair, R.; Daniels, R.; Englande, A. J., Survival of Enterococci faecalis in estuarine sediments. International Journal of Environmental Studies 2005, 62(3): 283-291. ( 6/2005 )
  Scholarly Journals--Accepted
  •  Pepper, I.; Brooks, J.; Sinclair, R.; Gurian, P.; and Gerba, C. Pathogens and indicators in United States class B Biosolids: National and Historic Distributions. Journal of Environmental Quality. 2010. Manuscript Number Q10-0037. Accepted for publication. ( 1/2009 - 6/2010 )
  •  Sinclair, R.; Choi, C.; Romero, P.; Gerba, C. Assessment of MS-2 phage and salt tracers to characterize axial dispersion in water distribution systems. Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A. 2009, 44(10): 963-971. ( 1/2009 - 6/2009 )
  Books and Chapters
  •  Englande, A. J.; Lo, P.; Sinclair, R. G., Water quality and public health: case studies of Hurricane Katrina and the December 2004 tsunami in Thailand. In Cities of the future: towards integrated sustainable water and landscape management: proceedings of an international workshop held July 12-14, 2006 in Wingspread Conference Center, Racine, WI, Novotny, V.; Brown, P. R., Eds. IWA Publishing: London, 2007; p 52. On google books.   ( 6/2007 )