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Salma Khan, PhD
Asst Res Prof, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • ( 4/2012 )
  Scholarly Journals--Submitted
  • 1.    S. Khan, J.M.S. Jutzy, D. Turay, M.M.A. Valenzuela, M.B. Lilly, and N.R. Wall.  The Inhibitor of Apoptosis (IAP) Protein Survivin Exists in the Serum Exosomes of Mid and Advanced Stage Prostate Cancer Patients.  (Submitted).


    ( 4/2012 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • 1.          J.M.S. Jutzy, S. Khan, M.M.A. Valenzuela, T.M. Milford, K.J. Payne, N.R. Wall. Tumor-released Survivin induces a type-2 T cell response and decreases‚?®cytotoxic T cell function, in vitro.  Cancer Microenvironment 2012 (In press).


    2.          S. Khan, J.M.S Jutzy, J.R. Aspe, M.M.A Valenzuela, J. Park, D. Turay, N.R. Wall. Application of Membrane Vesicles for Cancer Therapy. Advances in Cancer Therapy ISBN 979-953-307-209-7, (2011)


    3.           S. Khan, J.M.S Jutzy, J.R Aspe, D.W. McGregor, J.W Neidigh, N.R Wall. Survivin is released from cancer cells via exosomes. Apoptosis 16(1): 1-12, (2011).

  Books and Chapters
  • 1. H. Katabuchi, H. Ohtake, S. Khan, Y. Fukumatsu, H. Okamura Macrophages in Reproductive Organs.  In:  PM Motta (ed.) Recent Advances in Microscopy in Reproductive System.  Rome:  Antonio Delfino Editore: 547-552 (1997).


    2. S. Khan, Jutzy JMS, Aspe JR, Turay D, Wall NR.  The Application of Membrane Vesicles for Cancer Therapy.  Advances in Cancer Therpay ISBN 979-953-307-209-7: 21-39 (2011).


    ( 4/2012 )