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Samir Johna, MD
Clinical Professor, Surgery
School of Medicine
Service    Community Service
  • Ther Remains of a Nation: The Assyrians: History, culture and costumes - A panoramic review of the status of the Assyrian nation today. The lecture is delivered at Woodburry University, Burbank, California. ( 1/2008 )
  • Medical Director - I was elecetd to serve as the medical director of the Assyrian Aid Society of America, which has been involved in serving the Christean needy of Iraq since 1991. Since taking this position, I have been successful in bringing a one year old child from Baghdad, Iraq with Tetralogy of Fallot which is incompatible with life if not surgically reoaired. The operation was successfully performed by Dr. Leonard Bailey throughnthe help of Loma Linda University Global Outreach Program on August 15, 2007. I have also been involved in treating half a dozen patients in Syria, Jordan, and Iraq through an internationa network of medical professional. ( 2/2007 - Present )