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Susie Johnson, BS
Instructor, Clinical Laboratory Science
School of Allied Health Professions
Professional Development    Classes
  • Attended 3 days of training at Anaerobe Systems, Morgan Hill, California.  Training reviewed Anaerobe chamber use, lectures and hands on training of anaerobe identification techniques. ( 7/2011 )
  •  Attended 3 days of Siemens MicroScan LabPro Advanced Operator Training (1) Drug Suppressions and Aert EX (2) Spring Microbiology Conference (3) Queries and Epidemiology. ( 5/2011 )
  •  Attended 2 half day workshops at ASM in New Orleans. Topics: Clinical Impact and Laboratory Detection of Newer beta lactamases and Understanding the Increasing Complexity of the Microbiology of Chronic Infection in Cytic Fibrosis ( 5/2011 )
  • Participated in an inspector team member update training through CAP in preparation for a CAP inspection. ( 4/2011 )
    Participated in a CAP inspection in Phoenix, Arizona on May 4,2011
  •  Participated in a CAP Competency Assessment Program 2011 Assessment: Respiratory Cultures. ( 4/2011 )
  • Attended a 3 1/2 day workshop for the MicroScan WalkAway microbiology ID and MIC instrument.  The class was presented by Siemens.  The workshop was a laboratory administrator workshop learning about the software of the system with some troubleshooting applications. ( 10/2009 )
  • Attended a 6 hour hands on workshop on "Anaerobic Bacteriology for the Clinical Laboratory".  Presented by Anaerobe Systems. ( 9/2009 )
  • July 2009  Attended a 1 day workshop for the Laboratory Response Network in California: Past, Present and Future.  Sponsored by the California Association of Public Health Laboratory Directors and L.A. County Department of Public Health ( 7/2009 )