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Susanne Montgomery, PhD
Associate Dean, Research, School of Behavioral Health
School of Behavioral Health
Head, School of Behavioral Health, Interdisciplinary Studies
School of Behavioral Health
Professor, Social Work & Social Ecology
Professor, Preventive Medicine
School of Medicine
Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Publications    Book Review - Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Charasuraisin C, Petrofsky J, Berk L, Shavlik D, Remigio W, Montgomery SB. Acute effect of a single high-fat meal on forearm blood flow, blood pressure and heart rate in healthy male Asians and Caucasians. Submitted to Medical Science Monitor, December 2008. ( 12/2008 )
  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Reinsma KR, Bolima N, Fonteh F, Okwen P, Yota D, Siapco G, Montgomery SB. Bobbi Be Best: The development and evaluation of an audio program and discussion guide to promote exclusive breastfeeding in Cameroon, Central Africa Global Health Promotion AcceptedSeptember2014

    ( 9/2014 )
  • Spencer-Hwang R, Soret S, Dougherty M, Valladares J, Rangel S, Gleason P, Montgomery S.  Residential perspective on life near a major railyard in San Bernardino, California: The ENRRICH Study. Journal of Environmental Health Vol 77, No 2, September, 2014

    ( 9/2014 )
  • James S, Freeman KR, Mayo D, Riggs M, Morgan JP, Schaepper M, Montgomery SB Does Insurance Matter Implementing Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Two Groups of Youth Engaged in Deliberate Self-Harm Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research DOI 10.1007/s10488-014-0588-7

    ( 9/2014 )
  • Distelberg B, Williams-Reade J, Tapanes D, Montgomery SB. Mastering Each New Direction (MEND): A Biobehavoiral Family System Model for pediatric Chronic Illness. Accepted, Journal of Marriage Family Therapy June 2014

    ( 6/2014 )
  • Herring P, Butler T, Hall S, Bennett H, Montgomery SB, Fraser G Recruiting and motivating black subjects to complete a lengthy survey in a large cohort study: an exploration of different strategies BMC Medical Research Methodology April 2014

    ( 4/2014 )
  • Arthur K, Belliard JC, Hardin SB, Knecht, Chen CS, Montgomery SB. Reasons to Use and Disclose Use of Complementary Medicine Use – An Insight from Cancer Patients Cancer and Clinical Oncology October 2013

    ( 10/2013 )
  • Herring P, Butler T, Hall SL, Bennett H, Montgomery SB, Fraser GE. An Exploration of Different Methods to Promote the Enrollment of Black Subjects to a Large Cohort Study. BMC Public Health September 2013

    ( 9/2013 )
  • James S, McField E, Montgomery SB, Risk Factor Profiles among Intravenous Drug Using Young Adults: A Latent Class Analysis (LCA) Approach. Addictive Behaviors, 2013 March ; 38(3):1804–1811. doi:10.1016/j.addbeh.2012.09.002.

    ( 3/2013 )
  • Schubert C, Winslow G, Montgomery SB, Jadalla A. Defining Failure: The Language, Meaning and Ethics of Medical Error. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science November 2012  (p. 30-42) Vol. 2 No. 22

    ( 11/2012 )
  • Roberts, L. R., Anderson, B. A., Lee, J. W., & Montgomery, S. (2012). Grief and Women:  Stillbirth in the Social Context of India.  International Journal of Childbirth, 2(3), 12. doi: 10.1891/2156-5287.2.3.187

    ( 11/2012 )
  • Wheeler G,   Montgomery SB,  Beeson L, Bahjri K,  Shulz E, Firek A,  De Leon M, Cordero-MacIntyre Z. En Balance:  The Effects of Spanish Diabetes Education on Physical Activity Changes and Diabetes Control. The Diabetes EducatorSeptember/October, 2012 Vol. 38, No. 5 

    ( 10/2012 )
  • Arthur K, Belliard J, Hardin S, Knecht K, Chen C, Montgomery SB. Practices, attitudes, and beliefs associated with complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) use among cancer patients.  (2012). Integrative Cancer Therapies Vol.11 No.3, 232-242

    ( 9/2012 )
  • James S, McField E, Montgomery SB, Risk Factor Profiles among Intravenous Drug Using Young Adults: A Latent Class Analysis (LCA) Approach. Addictive Behaviors, August 2012

    ( 8/2012 )
  • Hinds DR, Montgomery SB, Knutsen S, Tonstad S. Role of Breastfeeding and Current Lifestyle in Long-term Maternal Weight Gain: August 2012

    ( 8/2012 )
  • Reinsma K, Bolima  N, Fonteh F, Owen P, Yota D, Montgomery S. Culture is central: Cultural beliefs and exclusive breastfeeding. African Journal of Midwifery and Women’s Health, April-June 2012 Vol. 6, No 2. 

    ( 4/2012 - 6/2012 )
  • Dos Santos H, Tonstad, S, Montgomery SB, Paalani M, and Faed, P. Smoking Cessation Behavior in Male Portuguese Californians; California Journal of Health Promotion, Volume 9, 2011

    ( 8/2011 )
  • Aja, GN, Modeste NN, Montgomery SB. Qualitative Inquiry Into Church-Based Assets for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control: A Forum Focus Group Discussion Approach. In press: The Qualitative Report. February 2011

    ( 2/2011 )
  • James S, Leslie LK, Montgomery S, Zhang J Sexual risk behaviors among youth in out-of-home care: Findings from the National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being. Journal of Adolescent Health Children and Youth Services Review, 31, 990-1000.


    ( 12/2010 )
  • Herring P, Butler T, Hall S, Montgomery SB, Fraser G. Recruiting Black Americans in a large Cohort Study: The Adventist Health Study (AHS 2) Design, Methods, and Participant Characteristic. Ethnicity and Disease Volume 20, Autumn, 2010

    ( 9/2010 )
  • Jaceldo-Siegl K, Knutsen S, Sabate J, Beeson L, Chan J, Herring P, Butler T, Haddad E, Bennett H, Montgomery S, Sharma S, Oda K, Fraser G. (2010) Validation of nutrient intake using a food-frequency questionnaire and repeated 24 hr recalls in Black and White subjects of the Adventist Health Study-2 (AHS-2), Public Health Nutrition, 13(6): 812-819.  Epub Dec 2009.

    ( 6/2010 )
  • Bramson L, Lee JW, Neish C, Montgomery SB, Bahjri K, Moore E, Lopez Melcher C. (2010) Effect of early skin-to-skin mother-infant contact during the first 3 hours following birth on exclusive breastfeeding during the maternity hospital stay. Journal of Human Lactation, 26(2); 130-137. ( 4/2010 )
  • Bui  C,Petrofsky J, Berk L, Shavlik S, Remigo W, Montgomery S. (2010) Acute effect of a single high-fat meal on forearm blood flow, blood pressure and heart rate in healthy male Asians and Caucasians: A pilot study. The Southeast Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health; March Vol. 41 No. 2, 2010.  ( 3/2010 )
  • Aja G, Modeste NN, Lee JW, Montgomery S, Belliard JC. (2009). Perceived importance of church-based assets to HIV/AIDS prevention and control in an urban Nigerian city. The International Quarterly of Community Health Education . ( 1/2009 )
  • Aja G, Modeste N, Lee JW, Montgomery SB, Belliard JC. (2010) Perceived Church-Based Needs and Assets for HIV/AIDS Prevention in an Urban Nigerian Community. Journal of Religion and Health, 49(1): 50-61.  Epub ahead of print, January 2009. 

    ( 1/2009 )
  Books and Chapters
  • Dyjack DT, Case P, Marlow H, Soret S. & Montgomery S. California’s County and City Environmental Health Services Delivery System. Loma Linda University, January 2006. ( 1/2006 )
  • Dyjack DT, Case P, Marlow H, Soret S. & Montgomery, S. California’s County and City Environmental Health Services Delivery System – Executive Summary. Loma Linda University, January 2006. ( 1/2006 )
  • Soret S, McKleary K, Montgomery SB. Understanding Health Disparities through Geographic Information Systems. In: Geographic Information Systems and Health Applications. Kahn & Skinner, (Eds), Idea Group Publishing, Hershey, PA, 2003. ( 1/2003 )