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Seth Wiafe, MPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Presentations    Research Presentations -- International
  • Geospatial Technologies in a Healthcare Setting LLU’s approach of integrating GIS, medical informatics, and public health practices - Seth Wiafe 3rd International  Health GIS Symposium, University of Niigata, Japan ( 3/2009 )
  Research Presentations -- National
  • Integrating Community Resources and Educational Programs for Building Sustainable Geospatial Technology Workforce Capacity in Riverside County, California  Seth Wiafe, Michael Conner, Joyce Johnson, Andrew Haglund 2009 CalGIS Conference in San Diego ( 5/2009 )
  • Understanding Medical Donation Practices with GIS in Ghana, Seth Wiafe, Ogonnaya Dotson-Newman, Oware Winnifred , Osei Badu Frank 28th Annual ESRI International User Conference, San Diego, ( 8/2008 )
  • Seth Wiafe MPH, Sam Soret PhD, Jim Banta PhD. "GIS-Based Model for Determining Geographic Variations and Factors Related to Access to Kidney Transplantation in California." URISA'S GIS in Public Health Conference. New Orleans ( 5/2007 ) Link...
  • Seth Wiafe, M.P.H.; Sam Soret, Ph.D; Jim Banta, Ph.D., M.P.H.; Kelly Leong, M.P.H. "GIS-Toolkit for Defining Access to Kidney Transplantation in California ." 2006 ESRI International User Conference. San Diego Convention Center ( 8/2006 ) Link...
  • Jim Banta Ph.D., M.P.H, Seth Wiafe, M.P.H.. "Epidemiology of Indigent Psychiatric Hospitalizations in California." 2006 ESRI International Conference. San Diego Conference Center , San Diego, CA ( 8/2006 ) Link...
  Research Presentations -- Local/Campus
  • A Small Area Analysis of Health Disparity Hotspots in the Inland Empire Alma D. Lopez, Seth Wiafe 9th Annual Health Disparities Research Symposium, Loma Linda University ( 8/2009 )
  Poster Presentation
  • Rapid Need Evaluations Using Geographic Information Technologies for Vector Control surveillance in San Bernardino County   Seth Wiafe, Andrew Haglund, Jim Banta, Wakoli Wekesa, Emily Tong, Daniel Handysides, David Dyjack ( 10/2008 )
  • Seth Wiafe, M.P.H; Andrew Haglund, B.Sc, Emily Tong, MPHİ. "Understanding Medical Products Donation with Geographic Information Systems (GIS): The Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) approach." Public Health Geomatics Conference. Ottawa, Canada ( 9/2007 ) Link...
  • SORET Samuel, GHAMSARY Mark, SHAVLIK David, BEESON Lawrence, CHEN Lee Hong, WIAFE Seth, PRESS James, KNUTSEN Synnove . "ZIP Codes Or Street Addresses? Comparing Ambient Ozone Exposures For Alternative Spatial Resolutions Of Cohort Subjects." ISEE/ISEA International Conference . Paris, France ( 9/2006 )
  • Alfred Quansah, MD, MPH, Seth Wiafe, MPH, Khaled Bahjri, MD, DrPHc, Lance Miller, MA and Jacob Diekmann5, MBA. "Determining the Association of Childhood Asthma and Exposure to Criteria Air Pollutants in Riverside and San Bernardino County Using Geographic Information System (GIS)." American Occupational Conference (AOHC). Los Angeles, CA ( 5/2006 )
  • Seth Wiafe, Miriam Pfisterer, Heather Lauver, Atiya Ali. "Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the Diflucan Distribution Project in South Africa." International AIDS conference. Bangkok, Thailand ( 7/2004 ) Link...
  • Soret S., McCleary, K. J., Wiafe, S.A., Rivers, P.A., and Montgomery, S.B. . "Access to kidney Transplantation in California ; A Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Assessment ." First Annual ESRI International Health GIS Conference. Washington, D. C ( 11/2001 )
  Presentations given to non-academic audiences
  • Seth Wiafe, MPH ; Sam Soret, PhD. "Extending Public Health Practice with Geoinformatics Intelligence." Health GIS Workshop for Public Health Executives. Loma Linda University ( 3/2007 )
  • Seth Wiafe, MPH. "GIS and Public Health Emergency Management." GIS for Public Health Practice. Miller Family Health Center, Long Beach, CA ( 1/2007 )
  • Seth Wiafe, MPH. "The Role of GIS in Pandemic Influenza Planning & Response ." In-Service Seminar. Loma Linda University ( 12/2006 )
  • Seth Wiafe, MPH. "Using GIS in a Pan Flu Response." UCLA Center for Public Health and Disasters. Universal City Hilton Hotel ( 12/2006 )
  • Seth Wiafe, MPH and Jesse Bliss MPH. "Native American Environmental Protection Coalition (NAEPC) GIS Training." Workshop for NAEPC Tribal Members. Pechanga ( 12/2006 )
  • Seth Wiafe, MPH. "GIS Applications in Public Health." GIS Day 2006. Loma Linda University ( 11/2006 ) Link...
  • Jim E. Banta, PhD, MPH, Seth Wiafe, MPH, Sam Soret, PhD, and David Dyjack, DrPH. "Mapping respiratory infection rates in California for flu epidemic planning." APHA 134th Annual Meeting and Exposition. Boston, CA ( 11/2006 ) Link...
  • Seth Wiafe, Lori Brower. "Using GIS to improve Global Medical Donations ." PQMD Educational Conference . Kansas City ( 10/2006 )
  • Seth Wiafe. "Preparing Health's 21st Century Workforce for GIS ." ESRI International Health User Conference. Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO ( 10/2006 ) Link...
  • Seth Wiafe, Lori Brower, Brett Williams. "PQMD Research Committee- Mapping Report Update." PQMD International Educational Conference. London ( 6/2006 )
  • Seth Wiafe. "Mapping Field Presence:The potential for Planning, Coordinating and more?.. ." Supporting Ministries Advisory. General Conference of SDA Headquarters ( 5/2006 )
  • Seth Wiafe. "Mapping the Needs: Technology as a Tool." General Conference World Health Advisory. General Conference of SDA Headquarters ( 3/2006 )
  • Seth Wiafe. "GIS in Philanthropy and Grant Making ." PQMD Annual Conference. Stamford, CT ( 6/2005 ) Link...
  • Seth Wiafe. "Workshop Development: Building GIS Capacity." ESRI International Health GIS Conference. Washington ,DC ( 10/2004 )
  • Seth Wiafe. "What Mapping Tells Us." Partnership for Quality Medical Donations (PQMD) Second Annual Education Forum. Tigard, Oregon ( 10/2004 )
  • Seth Wiafe. "Geospatial Solutions for Public Health Today." APC, Healthy People 2003. Loma Linda University, CA ( 3/2003 ) Link...