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Seth Wiafe, MPH
Assistant Professor, School of Public Health
School of Public Health
Publications    Scholarly Journals--Submitted
  • Yugo Shobugawa, Seth Wiafe, Saito Reiko, Hassan Zaraket, Inaida Shinako, Taniguchi Kiyosu, Suzuki Hiroshi: Prediction of Onset Time of Influenza :
     Epidemiology and Infection

    ( 6/2011 )

    Onset timing of influenza epidemics are not well defined and not predictable. To better define and predict the onset time of influenza epidemics, a weighted standard distance was calculated using surveillance data from 11.1 million national influenza-like illnesses generated from the 1999/2000 through 2008/2009 influenza seasons within Japan. In the current study, we demonstrated that the weekly weighted standard distance values, or the measure of spatial compactness of the distribution of reported influenza-like illnesses over a one-week time period, decreased to a minimal value before each seasonal epidemic peak.

    Therefore, the lowest weighted standard distance value is a possible indicator for the onset of a nationwide influenza outbreak throughout Japan. This demonstration and definition are important for the analysis of influenza epidemics as well as the planning of preventive measures.


  Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Seth Wiafe. 2008. Advancing Health-care System Performance with Geoinformatics. International Hospital Federation Reference Book 2007/2008, Hospital management and development: GIS: 52-54 ( 5/2008 ) Link...
  • Jim E. Banta, Seth Wiafe, Sam Soret, Charles Holzer. 2008.  A Spatial Needs Assessment of Indigent Acute Psychiatric Discharges in California. Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research,  2008 Apr;35(2):179-94 ( 4/2008 ) Link...
  • Soret S, Ghamsary M, Shavlik D,  Beeson W L, Chen LH, Wiafe S, Press J, Knutsen SF. ZIP Codes or Street Addresses?  Comparing Ambient Ozone Exposures for Alternative Spatial Resolutions of Cohort Subjects.  Epidemiology 17 (6):S110, 2006. ( 8/2006 )
  • Samuel Soret, Synnove Knutsen, Larry Beeon, Mark Ghamsary, Floyd Petersen, Seth Wiafe. . "Evaluating the Spatial Alignment Between the EPA Air Pollution Monitoring Network and the Distribution of Cohort Locations: Experiences from the ASHMOG Study. ." Epidemiology 15, V, .ISEE-506 (2004): 2-3. ( 7/2004 ) Link...
    Air pollution epidemiology studies usually rely on ambient monitoring networks for exposure assessment. The purpose of this study was to characterize the spatial configuration of the ambient PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring networks in California, and assess their alignment with respect to the AHSMOG cohort.
  Books and Chapters
  • Soret S., McCleary, K. J, Rivers, P.A., Montgomery, S.B. Wiafe, S.A. Understanding Health Disparities Through Geographic Information Systems, in Geographic Information Systems & Health Applications. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing, 2003. 12 - 42 ( 1/2003 )
  Non-Scholarly Journals
  • Medical Donations Practices in Ghana, Seth Wiafe, Daniel Ganu, John Ayeh, Seth Wiafe1, Ogonnaya Dotson-Newman , Oware Winnifred , Osei Badu Frank PQMD Website ( 5/2009 ) Link...
  • Seth Wiafe and Bill Davenhall"Extending Disease Surveillance with GIS." ArcUser (April - June 2005) 01 04 2005: 14 - 17 ( 4/2005 ) Link...
  • Seth Wiafe"Adventist Health International to map intestinal infection in Gimbie, Ethiopia using GIS." Scope, Loma Linda University & Medical Center Publication 01 09 2001: ( 9/2001 )
  • Seth Wiafe"Malamulo Lab goes back to basics." MOYO, A Health Journal of Malawi 12 04 1991: ( 4/1991 )