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Tim Cordett, DPT
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
School of Allied Health Professions
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Research & Grantsmanship    Non-Funded Research Project
  • Johnson EG, Cordett TK, Jospeh TM, Feng XJ, Harlow E, Simmons L, Stokes L, Watanabe C. Analysis of Foot and Arm Position During the Sit-to-Stand Transfer: A Pilot Study. ( 9/2008 - 9/2009 )
  • Johnson EG, Lohman EB, Renden A, Cordett TK, Avila R, del Castillo P, Gallo I, Garcia J, Ip J, Yasaman A. The Effect of the Tib-Trainer on Ankle AROM, Muscle Recruitment and Gait. ( 9/2008 - 9/2009 )