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Theresa Joseph, DPT
Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
School of Allied Health Professions
Professional Development    Classes
  • colloquim ( 10/2014 )
  • Professional Special Interest Group in Clinical Education Summit ( 10/2014 )
  • Colloquim ( 10/2014 )
  • Lawful Practice PT in CA. ( 5/2014 - 10/2014 )
  • Annual Neuro Rehab Conference ( 10/2013 - 10/2014 )
  • Neuro Toolbox”, CPTA annual Conference CE schedule- 2 contact hours ( 9/2011 )
  • Identifying Pain Manifestations”, CPTA annual Conference CE schedule- 2 contact hours ( 9/2011 )
  • Untangling the lines to succeed in ICU Rehab” by Motivations Inc. Christine Perme, PT,CCS. San Diego, CA. ( 7/2011 )
  • Essentials of Medicare Documentation and Coding for Therapy in Skilled Nursing and Subacute Facilities”. LLUPT- The Fox Group,-Cynthia Sienes Galvez, RN, BSN, REHS, Certified Minimum Data Set (MDS) coder, Ron Wall, M.A., ( 4/2011 )
  • Legal and Ethical practice of Physical Therapy in the State of CA”.. LLUPT-Larry Chinnock, PT, EdD, MBA ( 4/2011 )
  • "Do not Pass Go! California Practice Act Update and Legal and Reimbursement Issues While Supervising Students"10-22-2010 by Dorcas Tominaga, DPT, DCE of Physical Therapy,Chapman University PT program, Chair-Intercollegiate Academic Clinical Coordinators Council. Presented at Joint CEF-IACCC annual forum ( 10/2010 )
    Satisfies requirement in Ethics, laws and regulation for PT license renewal
  • "Insurance Coding and Billing for the Medical Office". 09-01-2010. Sponsored  by Cross Country Education ( 9/2010 )
  • Continueing Professional Education course: "Using Evidence to Empower your Practice" Taugt by Julie Tilson, PT, DPT,OCS, NCS,Assitant professor of Research Physical Therapy at USC. ( 4/2010 )
    CEU credits previded
  • CPTA annual Conference ( 10/2009 )
  • Continueing Education Course- "Stroke Rehab:Impaierment-based interventions for all stages of recovery".By Michelle Green, MS,PT.-Cross country Education -6 contact Hrs. ( 10/2009 )
  • Attendance to APTA Advanced Clinical Education and Credentialling Program course. ( 7/2008 )
    obtain status of "Advanced Credentialed Clinical Instructor" 10/08
  • Credentialed-APTA Advanced Clinical Instructor Certification ( 8/2008 - 9/0000 )
  • Directed Study: Pain Syndromes in Guillain Barre Syndrome ( 8/2009 - 1/0000 )
    Extensive review of pathophysiology of Guillain Barre Syndrome, related pain syndormes and current management with emphasis on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  Seminars and Conferences
  • Annual ACCC-CEF workshop ( 10/2011 )
    Presenters: Marijean Piowski, James Symss, Nate Thomas- Changes in PT board and government regs for practice- supervision of PTA, Aides, Students; Health Care reform agenda and Implications for physical Thereapy Practice Employment  options for PT
  • Continueing Education course: "Long Term Care Clinical Programming". presented by Summit professional Education. San Diego. 8/12/10. ( 8/2010 )
    Upcoming (CMS-Medicare) MDS 3.0 and RUGS changes and their effect on rehab.
  • monthly meeting with members of IACCC-Intercollegiate Academic Clinical Coordinators Council ( 6/2007 - 9/2009 )
    Development of Clinical education data collection tools, discussion of current Clinical competency forums, Planning ongoing facilitation of Clinical Instructor Education, coordiantion of organized access to clinical sites amongst programs, assessment of threats and opportunities posed by new PT/PTA programs, planning job fairs for students and Clinical sites, Scholarship programs for PT/PTA students, Incentive programs for Clinical Instructors. 
  • Attendance to weekly LLU Physical therapy Faculty Meetings.Meeitng site-LLU campus ( 7/2006 - 9/2009 )
  • monthly and bimonthly attendance to LLU Physical Therapy clinical coordinators meeting.Meetings on LLU campus ( 7/2006 - 9/2009 )
  • APTA Self-Study Workshop on CAPTE accreditation ( 10/2008 )
  • Joint CEF/IACCC ( 10/2008 )
    "Embracing Clinical Education Standards: A work in Progress". presented by Jody Gandy PT, DPT, PhD and Kenneth J Harwood, PT, PhD, CIE
  • PT CPI web ( 9/2008 )
    Attend introductory online webnar session on the use of the online APTA clinical performance instrument
  • Attendance to annual CPTA conference ( 9/2007 )
    "manned" IACCC booth. Particiapated in Joint Northern and Southern CA. consortium of PT programs problem solving and proposal fomulation session. Issue at hand: providing input to CPTA and Board regarding criteria for CE and competency approval fpr Clinical Instructors. Proposal written and revised and submitted in following months.
  • "Relearning Kinesia Treatment for Parkinson''s Disease and Related Movement Disorders" ( 8/2007 )
  • "Outpatient Therapy CPT Coding, Billing, and Documentation for Rehabilitation Reimbursement" sponsored by Cross Country Education ( 2/2007 )
  • Annual CEF and IACCC Clinical Education Workshop, Rancho Los Amigos, Downey, CA. ( 10/2006 )
  • California Physical Therapy association Conference,Anaheim,CA ( 10/2005 )
  • APTA National Education Conference. Ritz Carlton hotel, Pasadena ( 9/2005 )
  • Credentialed-APTA Clinical Instructor credentialling certification course. Western University, Pomona. ( 11/2005 - 11/0000 )
  • Attendance to  annual combined IACCC-CEF conference on issues of Clinical Education ( 10/2007 - 10/0000 )
  • monthly and bimonthly SAHP Clinical Coordinators meetings ( 7/2007 - 9/0000 )
  • Attendance to regularly scheduled meetings held on LLU campus for the Inland counties District of California of APTA. ( 7/2006 - 7/0000 )
  • Member and attendee to monthly meetings for IACCC(Intercollegiate Academic Clinical coordinators Council).Primary meeting site-Azusa Pacific University A consortium of Physical Therapy programs from various Southern California Universities. Sets criteria for clinical site membership,monitors and record dispensation of clinical affiliation amongst schools, plans and provides Job fairs for P.T students, Plans and implements some educational forums for clinical Instructors. ( 7/2006 - 7/0000 )
  • Member to SAHP Clinical coordinators committee. - -Monthly and bimonthly meetings.Meeting site- LLU camppus -Organizes forums for accessing contracts and other pertinant documents to secure clinical sites for SAHP programs. -Organizes forums for achieving student completion of Background checks -Coordiantes communication tools for use amongst program ACCE members and Administration and clinical sites. -Provides resourse for members regarding various clinical sites ( 7/2006 - 7/0000 )
  Post-doc Training
  • Continueing Education Course: "Lawful Practice of Physical Therapists in California: The Governance Structure and current Laws & Regulations of Physical Therapy Practice. Taught by James Syms, PT, DSc, ATC, SCS, Associate Professor at  LLUPT, content Expert for PTBC and national speaker. ( 4/2010 )
    CEUs previded
  Special Projects
  • Certification- Neuro Deveolpmental Treatment ( 9/0000 )
  • Certification- Neurology Certified Specialty, Physical Therapy ( 6/2008 - 6/0000 )