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Thomas Rasmussen, MD
Service    Committee Membership (LLU)
  • Quality Assurance - Anesthesia Quality Assurance committee is responsible to help make certain that the anesthesia care provided throughout the institution meets the appropriate standard of care. The committee also looks for ways to improve quality of care, both retrospectively and prospectively. ( 7/2005 - 12/2005 )
  • East Campus Clinical Council - Committee comprised of department heads from various specialties along with administrators meeting monthly to discuss current clinical care issues and to provide guidance for future developements. ( 1/2005 - 12/2005 )
  • Operations Committee - Committee deals with various Department of Anesthesiology administrative issues. Recommendations are made to the Department Chairman and / or to the entire Department of Anesthesiology staff. ( 1/2005 - 12/2005 )