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G. Victoria Jackson, EdD, MSW
Assistant Professor, Social Work & Social Ecology
Professional Development    Classes
  • August 13,2014  Trauma Resilience Model Training -  3-day Loma Linda University  

    ( 9/2014 )

    The TRM is a model of trauma intervention for working with survivors of trauma.,
    This class provided information about mindfulness interventions which can mitigate conflictual situations, calm potentially dangerous clients, and provide calming techniques for managing stress in clients and practitioners.  The presenter provided relaxing music, entertaining techniques of illustrating dialetical dynamics and provided instructive ideas for working with individuals. 

  Seminars and Conferences
  • July 7 - 12, 2014 Second Global Conference on Health and Lifestyle, Geneva,  Switzerland

    March 13,-15, 2014 American Society of Aging Conference, San Diego, CA ( 7/2014 )

    Presentation with Loma Linda University presenting a trauma intervention informed by principles developed by Elaine Karas for working with trauma survivors. 

    Behavioral Health Trauma Team on Trauma Resilience Model - Dr. Beverly Buckles, Dr. Kim Freeman, Dr. Victoria Jackson, Dr. David Vermeesh, Dr. Adam Arichiga, and Dr. Wanetta Baker.

    Presentation : Blue Zone Principles for Caregiver Wellness, Victoria Jackson,Ed.D & Stephanie Wogomon, MSW Candidate, presenters