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Wu Zhang, MD
Professor, Dental Education Services
School of Dentistry
Member, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Publications    Scholarly Journals--Published
  • Xin-yi Zhao, W. Zhang, S. Lee, C. Roggenkamp.  The porosities or voids included in composite resin restorations. Advanced Materials Research, 833:349-354, 2014

    ( 0/2014 )
  • W. Zhang, Y. Li. Biofilm contamination in dental unit waterlines-challenges and solutions. Loma Linda University Dentistry, 24:18-24, 2013

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  • H. Li, Y. Yang, R. Ding, R. Aprecio, W. Zhang, Q. Wang, Y. Li.  Experimental periodontitis induced by Porphyromonas gingivalis does not alter the onset or severity of diabetes in mice. J. Periodontal Res. 2013

    ( 0/2013 )
  • H. Sun, J. Yang, N, Kawashima, Y. Li, W. Zhang, P. Wang. Abrife comparison of curricula at dental schools in China and Japan. J.Dent Edu 76:756-773, 2012

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    ( 1/2011 )
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  • Zhao, X.; Zhang, W.; Lee, SS.; Roggenkamp, C; lu, M.; Li, Y.  In vitro observation on porosities or voids inclusion in resin composite restorations.  Zhonghua Kou Qiang Yi Xue Za Zhi, 45:39-43, 2010. ( 0/2010 )
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    ( 10/2009 )
  • Chen, H.; Wang, J.; Zhang, W.; Lee, S.; Zhang, X.; Kim, J. and Li. Comparison of visual and electronic tooth shade measurement. Zhejiang Medical Journal, 31:1-5, 2009. 05/2009

    ( 5/2009 )
  • Lee, S.S.; Aprecio, R.M.; Zhang, W.; Arambula, M.; Wilkins, K.B.; Stephens, J.A.; Kim, J.S. and Li, Y. Antiplaque/Antigingivitis Efficacy and Safety of a Cetylpyridinium Chloride/Zinc Gluconate Mucoadhesive Gel: Results of a 6-Month Clinical Trial, Compend Contin Educ Dent 2008;29:302-12. 12/2008

    ( 12/2008 )
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    ( 7/2008 )
  • Chen, H.; Ding, X.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, W.; Li, Y. and Lee, S.S.:  Effect of bleaching on enamel remineralization and color changes of extracted adolescent teeth. J Med Res 37(6):35-38, June, 2008.

    ( 0/2008 )
  • Zhang, W., Onyango, O., Lin, Z., Lee, S.S., Li, Y. :Evaluation of SteriloxTM for controlling microbial contamination, reducing biofilm and endotoxin in dental water.  Compendium, 28(11):586-592. 11/2007

    ( 11/2007 )
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  • Sean Lee; Wu Zhang; Harvey Lee, Yiming Li. "Tooth Whitening in Children and Adolescents: A Literature Review." Pediatric Dentistry 27.5 (2005): 362-368.

    ( 7/2005 - 6/2006 )
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    ( 12/2004 )
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    ( 12/2001 )
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    ( 12/2001 )
  • Dunipace, A.J.; Brizendine, E.J.; Wilson M.E.; Zhang, W.; Katz, B.P.; and Stookey, G.K.: Chronic fluoride exposure does not cause detrimental, extraskeletal effect of chronic fluoride exposure in nutritionally-deficient rats.  J. Nutrition 128: 1392-1400, 1998.

    ( 0/1998 )
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    ( 0/1998 )
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    ( 0/1997 )
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    ( 0/1997 )
  Books and Chapters
  • Li, Y; Zhang, WEvaluation of cytotoxicity of two root canal sealers using the agar diffusion method. Book Title: Methacrylate Based Resin Sealers – A Paradigm Shift in Endodontics.  Editor: Pameijer, O. Zmener and F. Barnett;The Ultradent Press: South Jordan, UT, 23 – 35, 2009.

    ( 0/2009 )