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Wilson Aruni, PhD
Asst Res Prof, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Presentations    General Academic Presentation
  •  Epithelial cell invasion by Filifactor alocis is enhanced by Porphyromonas  Epithelial cell invasion by Filifactor alocis is enhanced by Porphyromonas - A.Wilson Aruni and Hansel..Fletcher ( 7/2011 ) Link...
  •   Elucidating the role of VimA in Porphyromonas gingivalis through  in silico and proteomic studies. A. Wilson Aruni, J.Lee, D.Osbourne, A. Muthiah, F.Roy, Y.Dou and H. M. Fletcher.   ( 3/2011 ) Link...
  Poster Presentation
  •  Nitrate reductase activity of bacteria in saliva of term and preterm infants. Jesica A. Kanady1, Wilson Aruni3, Janet R. Ninnis1,  Andrew O. Hopper1, Jamie Blood4, Luke Byrd4, Leighton Holley4, Michael Staker4, Hansel Fletcher3, Gordon G. Power2, and *Arlin B. Blood1,2 ( 12/2010 - 11/2010 )
  •   Elucidation of metabolome, secretory system variations in Porphyromonas gingivalis during oxidative stress A. Wilson Aruni, R. McKenzie, D. Osbourne, A. Muthiah, H. M. Fletcher   ( 5/2010 )