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Wilson Aruni, PhD
Asst Res Prof, Basic Sciences
School of Medicine
Honors and Awards    University Awards and Honors
  •  Certificate of appreciation on Transfer of technology category  from the Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University for DEVELOPMENT OF TRIVALENT INACTIVATED VACCINE FOR BLUETONGUE - 2004 ( 5/2004 )
  •  Dr.Perumal Swami Naidu award for the best Ph.D., research work in the field of  Microbiology- 2000. ( 4/2000 )
  •  Dr.Gunn Memorial citation for the best Post graduate research work in  Basic virology-1992-93 ( 8/1992 )
  Professional Awards and Honors
  • Best Presentation award -Conferred on the NIH funded - Rochester Conference on Oral Biology - Post genomics for the oral Microbiome - June 2011

    ( 11/2011 )
  •  Patent filed for a improved diagnostic test procedure (process   patent) for detection of   Hepatopancreatic       virus  Ref No: 103/CHE/2006 dt.23.1.2007 of the  Patent   Office ,Chennai,India ( 6/2009 ) Link...
  •  Patent on  Trivalent vaccine for Bluetongue. Ref Patent No: 2457 /CHE/2007 Dt.22.8.2006 of the patent office Chennai,India ( 9/2008 ) Link...
  •  (6)Patent on Inactivated bivalent Bluetongue vaccine       Ref No: 1155/CHE/2005 Dt.22.8.2005 of the   Patent Office ,Chennai,India ( 6/2008 ) Link...
  •  Young scientist award conferred by the Indian Science Congress, CALCUTTA , INDIA –1995. ( 4/1995 )
  Community Awards and Honors
  •  TANSA AWARD for group research in the field of Medicine, conferred by Government of India-2006 ( 9/2006 )
  •  Dr.Richard Masilamony  memorial award for the best out going Doctoral student  ( 4/2000 )